We Went To Zanzibar For Our Honeymoon And Had A Blast

We Went To Zanzibar For Our Honeymoon And Had A Blast

Chukwunonso Emelumadu

For this week’s Stamped, Chris and Jadesola, a newly wedded couple, walk us through their magical honeymoon in Zanzibar. They tell us about how, although Zanzibar wasn’t the initial plan, it ended up being the perfect destination for them.

This is their story as told to Chukwunonso Emelumadu, writer at Backdrop.

We knew we wanted to travel somewhere special for our honeymoon because, although we’ve both travelled quite a bit individually, we had never taken a trip together as a couple. Chris has visited Belgium and the United Kingdom, while Jadesola has visited Paris, Dubai, the United Kingdom and the United States. We knew that the perfect time to begin travelling together was on our honeymoon, and so we needed it to be perfect.

We initially wanted to go to the Maldives, but our wedding got delayed, and by the time it was time to plan for our honeymoon, the cost had basically doubled. So we decided on the next best option: Zanzibar. We could have still gone to the Maldives and probably gotten an Airbnb, but we wanted maximum luxury, so we decided to go to a cheaper country for a better experience.

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We took a flight from Nigeria to Zanzibar with a stop in Ethiopia. When we landed in Zanzibar, we took a drive from the airport to our resort hotel, TIU BLUE Bahari. When we got there, we checked in and took a nap because we were both really tired from the trip. After we rested a bit, we got changed and went in search of food. Luckily for us, the dinner at the resort that night was really elaborate. It was buffet-style, and we got to eat around the pool; both the scenery and the food were amazing. We had a lot of fun that night, and it felt like the perfect way to kick off our honeymoon.

We basically spent the next day still trying to recover from the trip and taking in how beautiful our surroundings were. The resort was effectively on the water, so the views were magnificent. The serenity made it easy to relax, and so we did. We went for breakfast at a really nice restaurant at the resort called ‘The Restaurant’ — not the most creative name, but at least the food was nice. After breakfast, we went back to our room to chill for a while, then we went swimming, had cocktails and had a great time in the pool. We were too lazy to go for the lunch buffet, so we just had snacks at this place called Green and Grill. The place had a nice view and a fire Caesar salad. We went back to our room and only came back down again for a nice dinner by the fountain with a flurry of cocktails.


The next day, we were meant to have complimentary massages, but we missed our appointment and had to reschedule it for day six. We went to the fountain to make an Instagram Reel, then to the restaurant to have breakfast; we hung out at the bar for a while. There was a particular flight of stairs that we had to struggle with whenever we wanted to eat food — we nicknamed it “The Calorie Burner.” Later in the day, we went to this restaurant called The Breeze and had a romantic candle-lit dinner. We had a three-course meal, and the service was as great as the food. It was a fantastic night.

On day four, we left the resort. We had breakfast and headed to the Turtle Sanctuary, a place with really huge turtles in a cavern. We fed the turtles and had the option of going into the water with them, but we weren’t interested in that. We also made videos of everything; it was a really nice experience. We went around the island and had a village tour. Then we went to buy souvenirs for our friends and family back home. We went snorkelling and then went for a sunset cruise. On the cruise, some locals were playing the drums. It was an all-around fun experience. To close out the truly fantastic day, we had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant.

The next day, we went to take pictures by the water, chill on the beach and do a bit of people-watching. It was a proper laid-back day. We took some pictures here and there, but this day was mostly about relaxation. We also had a buffet at the beach, which was really nice. The water, in particular, was a sight to behold — really clean, blue and beautiful.

On our final day in Zanzibar, we packed, went to get our complimentary massages and chilled on the beach for a while. This was basically the last thing we did on our honeymoon because, after this, we went to the airport to catch our flight back to Nigeria.

The people in Zanzibar are so friendly. It all made sense when we found out that “Hakuna Matata” originated here because they really behave like they have no worries, just enjoying every moment.

Other than being with each other, the best part of our honeymoon in Zanzibar was how beautiful everything was. It was a really nice place to look at, and the people at the resort made our stay as comfortable and seamless as possible. There were barely any hiccups, and that’s crucial when you’re having a honeymoon. We loved the views, the food and the overall experience; everything was wonderful. I would advise anyone looking for a honeymoon destination to give Zanzibar a chance. You will have the time of your lives.

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