Summer Vacation Essentials: 7 Items Everyone Should Pack

Summer Vacation Essentials: 7 Items Everyone Should Pack

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If you haven’t begun already, now’s the time to start working on your summer vacation plans. There are only a few more months to spare. For the magical material gworls, summer is the time to soak up some sun and indulge in a lot of fun, but others prefer to head somewhere with sweater weather all year round.

Wherever you’re headed, though, these seven summer vacation essentials are the basics for any enjoyable trip.

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1. Socks

This seems like a need for people headed to cooler destinations, but summer nights can get as cold as the average autumn day (8°C), even in places where it’s as hot as 25°C all day. When all you're planning for is sun and fun, it's easy to overlook that little detail. Fortunately, the quick and common remedy of pulling on a pair of socks at bedtime keeps you warm and toasty while you sleep. Plus, research says lightweight socks help people fall asleep faster, keeping you well-rested for the fun day ahead.

2. A hat

The sun in your eyes is uncomfortable in many ways, and almost any hat — from wide-brims to baseball caps — can help keep the light and heat away from your head while pulling off your slay, too. You can throw in your favourite sunglasses for more protection for your eyes and the complete protagonist look. You’re the main character, and summertime is the best season to lean into that.

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3. Sunscreen

Typically, sunscreen should be part of your daily routine, but you especially want to double down on using it during the sunniest time of the year. UV rays make their way through enormous clouds and the smallest windows, so running to the other end of the world doesn't exclude you from needing protection. Factors such as your skin type or location affect sunscreen use, so check out these tips to determine which type you need for your trip.

4. Water bottle

I have about half a dozen reusable water bottles, and I love the taste of water, so this one is a given if you're anything like me. For those who aren’t like me, however, here's a friendly reminder that you need to stay hydrated. If your summer plans involve being indoors all day most days, then a quick walk to the fridge or calling room service pretty much has you covered. But even in the coldest corners of the earth, as long as you're going out and being active, a water bottle is the easiest way to ensure on-the-go hydration.

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5. A jacket or coat

As the day ends and the temperature drops, a slight chill could have you wishing you were wearing something with more coverage. So that you don't sacrifice your sexy tank top, take a summery jacket that’s easy to take on and off. For a cooler summer destination like Iceland, you’ll probably need more than one jacket, depending on your other wardrobe choices and how much you plan to go out.

6. Sanitiser

The pandemic might be over, but nasty germs are still everywhere, especially in the season when things are hot and sticky. You want to keep your hands clean and not just because of all the summer favourite finger foods. Some surfaces (like beach tables) might need just a little cleaning by the time you want to use them, so a pack of wipes will also come in handy.

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7. A bathing suit

Even if swimming isn't a substantial part of your plans, in summer, the opportunity tends to present itself a little more often. If you’re looking forward to swimming, though, not only do you want to remember to pack one bathing suit, but you also might want to add another one (or four, depending on how long your vacation is).

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