Staycation: What Is It And How Do You Take One?

Staycation: What Is It And How Do You Take One?

Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo

The lockdown in 2020 left a lot of people in need of a vacation with nowhere to go. Even those who could afford to visit dream locations had no other option but to stay right where they were. Many took this chance to explore their home country, and as a result, staycations became more popular.

Ever wanted to go on a vacation without the hassle of a … well, vacation? A staycation helps you avoid expenses like plane tickets and an elaborate travel plan. It's no wonder people realised that the best family vacations and solocations are staycations. To learn just how valuable a staycation can be, keep reading!

What is a staycation?

Officially called ‘Domestic Tourism,’ staycations are the best way for locals to find tourist attractions within their country. Basically, there are no international borders between you and your travel destination. A quick drive or even a walk across the street, and your holiday is in progress.

Photo Credit: Imre Tomosvari on Unsplash.

Staycation-ing is historically recognised as the original way of taking vacation getaways. That makes a lot of sense since back then, they could only travel so far within a certain period. The invention of vehicles like planes, trains and even cars all contributed to the increase in international tourism.

You can take a staycation anywhere in the world, not just in the best countries. If you look in the right places, you’ll find out not only where to go but also all the fun things to do in your home country. Many realise just how easy it is to make staycations work, then they get hooked.

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5 staycation ideas and tips

Knowing your home country is your holiday destination might limit your ideas to your regulars. However, regular places and regular activities shouldn't be part of any getaway. It's literally in the name: get away.

Need some help figuring out how to make a proper getaway out of your time at home? Here are some tips:

1. Disconnect

After you’ve properly planned your holiday, you need to disconnect. Once your travel plan is complete and the special day is here, nobody from work (or any other person who can bother you) should be able to contact you. Put an “out of office” message or response on your work lines and email. It’s your time to simply relax and explore the place you call home.

2. Record what you can

You’ll be surprised how much beauty you disregard on a regular day because you’ve become used to it. During a staycation, look around intently and find beauty in mundane places. When you do find these aesthetic spots, include them in your memories by taking some pictures or making videos. But don't be so busy recording everything that you forget to actually get in the moment and experience these things.

3. Change the decor

Since you're in your home country, it makes sense to sleep at home. In fact, some take staycations to the level of staying right at home throughout the entire thing. To feel more like you're at a vacation spot, you can try adjusting a few things in your house. Get some silk sheets and sexy curtains. Change the lights to those colourful ones and go get some art to hang on the walls. Clean everything and make your home as unrecognisable (but comfortable) as possible. Do it right, and you’ll have your lil old room looking very instagrammable.

Woman enjoying the spa on staycation
Photo by Adetayo Adefala on Unsplash

4. Have a spa day

If you're taking any kind of vacation, you're most likely tired from the rigours of regular life. Even if you're mostly mentally engaged, it can manifest as physical stress. If there's anything you should be doing on a getaway, it's treating your body right. Take a few extra steps in your skincare routine, and deep condition your hair. Try some yoga or get a masseuse to come over. You can even head over to the nearest spa to get the full treatment, including some sauna time or a full mani-pedi.

5. Try new places

During your staycation, eat at that fancy restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to but never had the time. Visit that new waterpark you’ve been hearing about. You can even go for a hike to the furthest parts of town. If your imagination is wild enough, visit a place with a certain aesthetic and you can tell yourself that you're anywhere in the world!

Look hard enough, and you’ll realise there are tourist attractions all around you. You never know, someone’s must-visit location could be a stone's throw from your place. To find adventure in the places you usually take for granted, take a staycation!

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