Slaying Warm: 6 Winter Fashion Essentials

Slaying Warm: 6 Winter Fashion Essentials

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If you plan on travelling somewhere cold this holiday, you need to stay warm (and look good doing it). Unfortunately, a great sense of style isn't something you can buy. However, a big enough wardrobe allowance can provide a person with all they need to achieve a practical, stylish look no matter the season.

With minimalist fashion choices, you can never go wrong. No matter how cold it gets, you can bundle up in as many items as you need, knowing that every layer is worth showing off if the need arises.

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If you believe in the power of simplicity, here are six winter outfit essentials:

1. Jackets and coats

Puffer jackets:

The best winter jackets are made to be worn on the days you have to be outdoors, even though a bottle of water would freeze if you left it out for 30 minutes. Puffer jackets are common this time of year because they keep the cold out — some even keep water out. Though they look (and are) fluffy, puffy and plushy, these jackets give you a sportier silhouette if you assume the posture of someone pulling it off. Confidence is a requirement for making one of these jackets (or any worthwhile outfit, really) look truly stylish; it's important to get one you can be sure you look good in. Therefore, it's better to shop physically and with someone whose taste you trust: you can try your options and ask their opinion.

Sleek jackets:

Contrary to popular belief, sleek jackets can be just as warm as puffer jackets, even though they don't look like it. (Which, honestly, is the minimalist appeal.) In a Vogue article, Alexis Bennet asks: “but what’s a girl to wear when they’re headed to, say, a ritzy-glitzy wedding or a dressy holiday soirée?” In the article, sleek jackets from the badass thick shearling to the cute cosy teddy are recommended. You’ll also find their prices and brand names, as well as links to shopping sites.

Vogue’s suggestions might cost a little more than your budget allows right now, but I recommend you check them out anyway. Recs like that are excellent references on the days I go thrift shopping.

Photo Credit: Samia Liamani on Unsplash.

Camel coats:

Camel coats are trendy because they are warm, versatile and durable — all the best features of a winter essential. They are timelessly chic, acknowledged even by those who aren't the biggest fashion enthusiasts. The best of them can be a little pricey, but this wonderful article of clothing is a perfect example of an investment piece: you can own and rock them for many years. The coats also go well with nearly any look: dark or bright colours, trousers or skirts, heels or flats, casual or chic etc.

2. Party dresses and Festive sets

For many, the best thing about the holidays is all the parties and events. From the most elaborate soirees to simple family dinners at your dining table, you’ll need to wear something that looks good when you're having cocktails and letting loose. As mentioned above, coats alone are fabulous, even though they're primarily necessary when you're in the snow — on the way to and from the event. Inside, though, you need an equally striking dress for whatever the night throws at you, whether or not you get to have your coat off for most of the night. Will it be seductive silk/satin or a little black dress? You choose.

These days, as matching two pieces gets trendier, festive sets are also getting the attention they deserve. It can be amazing how a simple design on two articles of clothing can become a statement. Festive sets are organised yet fun fashion choices, and whether it’s sequined or velvet, make sure it's giving ✨glamour✨.

3. Turtlenecks: Bodysuits/Cashmere Sweaters

Since it’s been official sweater weather for about a month, it's safe to say these items have made their way out of the crevices to the more reachable spaces of your wardrobe/closet. Turtlenecks are one of my favourite fashion items because, when they're part of an outfit I love, they give me gender euphoria, no matter how I present that day. They almost always look casual, and that's why only a few can pull it off without looking like the stereotypical tech bro. My advice? You can try some colour without sabotaging minimalism. Black, grey and cream aren't the only colours of turtlenecks (and winter clothes in general) that look chic. If you do it right, you can rock grey, blue, red, and even pink if you're as fabulous as Sharpay Evans.

Photo Credit: Mukuko Studio on Unsplash.

4. Boots

It wasn't until recently that I fully came to terms with just how powerful a pair of kicks can be. In fall, suede boots are the trendiest, but when the snow starts, your options get close to limitless. Ankle or knee, platforms or blocks, buckles or zippers, boots are as practical as they are versatile, and that's why I keep ending up with more of them when I should get more casual shoes. (But that's just me.)

Also, winter is the best season to wear boots: they keep your feet warm and toasty and make walking through snow easier.

5. Leggings

Leggings made a comeback last winter as more brands started to market their versions. While a simple mismatch can look like an epic fail, people sometimes make these body huggers work, no matter the occasion. Whether it’s jeggings or spandex, a sure casual look that's guaranteed to slay is matching the bottoms with an oversized sweater and sneakers.

Photo Credit: Emily Rudolph on Unsplash.

6. Socks

Whether you get them because they're cute and feel cosy or as a fashion statement, socks can be a simple yet unique way to finish particular looks. The best winter essential shoes are designed such that you might not be able to show off your socks, so plain ones are more practical. However, socks feel nice to wear indoors too, and you can flaunt that one with your comfort character on it.

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