Real-Life Wakanda Locations: 6 Backdrops In Cape Town, South Africa

Real-Life Wakanda Locations: 6 Backdrops In Cape Town, South Africa

Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo

Wakanda is characterised by technology so advanced it's almost utopian. Still, the homeland of Marvel's Black Panther is rich in other natural resources (agricultural and aesthetic).

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Do you want to visit this Vibranium hotspot but are deterred by the fact that it's a fantasy land? Here are six real locations to make you feel like you're in Wakanda:

1. Delaire Graff Estate

Drink wine and fine dine at this awe-inspiring greenland as vibrant as the hidden nation we all love in the MCU. The backdrop is almost all natural, yet it's nothing like you’ve ever seen. As soon as you check out their website, you’re greeted by a montage so impressive you want to make a reservation before finding out about their other services, like the spa and boutiques.

Delaire Graff Estate

2. Chapman's Peak Drive

Acclaimed as one of the world’s most spectacular marine drives, this scenic experience gives visitors the real feeling of appreciating a glorious land from the edge of a cliff (as the Black Panther is occasionally portrayed). You can pay for a ride in both directions of a road — given the smooth highway and gorgeous view, you’d be tempted to. Find out about the drive, standard tariffs and more on the website.

Chapman’s Peak Drive

3. Ficks Restaurant

A pool restaurant AND a view of the ocean sounds like the kind of thing you’d find in a land as utopian as Wakanda. However, this one is real and open to visitors every day of the week. They don't take reservations, but you can still check out their website to see their menu ahead of your visit.

Fick’s Restaurant

4. Gate At Quoin Rock

As this location only seats 40 people and the menu changes occasionally, it's safe to say it's a truly exclusive experience. The dark hues of the aesthetic and the overlook of greenery make it easy to imagine you're dining at a food hotspot for Wakandan royals. Find out lunch & dinner booking times and much more on their website.

Gate At Quoin Rock

5. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

In this fascinating urban jungle, one can appreciate the use of technology in making green spaces even greener. With craft and artworks (some modelled in the form of animals), there is a display of respect for nature and its vigour, an essential aspect of the culture of those under the protection of the black panther. Plan your visit with information from the South African Biodiversity Institute (SANBI).

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

6. Queen Victoria Hotel

I'm almost sure the Jabaris, for one, would riot if the kingdom's ruler allowed a top attraction in the land to be given this name. So, I pretend it’s designed (and named) as a favour for Martin Freeman’s character, Everett Ross. Plan your stay at this five-star hotel on the Newmark Hotels website.

Queen Victoria Hotel

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