You Can Now Create Short-Form Videos On Backdrop

You Can Now Create Short-Form Videos On Backdrop


At Backdrop’s core, we are a location discovery and social networking app dedicated to helping you find and share beautiful places from all around the world. A lot of our early features focused on optimising the discovery part of our mission, but over the past year, we’ve introduced more features that highlight the social networking element — Social Feed, Group & Public Collections.

Now we're back with our most social-forward feature yet: Moments, and the beta version is officially live. With Moments, you can create and share short-form videos of your time at a backdrop!

Videos of you and your friends at your favourite park? Yes. Videos of the delicious menu at your favourite restaurant? Definitely! That time you took a dive into the most beautiful waterfall? We need to see that! Videos of you living it up at the boutique hotel of your dreams? Yep, yep yep. Add all your favourite moments to Backdrop.

Discover the beauty of the world around you with Backdrop.

How to Share a Moment

Just like posting an Instagram reel or a TikTok, sharing a moment is pretty simple. Among the tabs at the bottom of the screen, click on the middle icon that looks like the add (+) sign and select “Share a moment.”

This will take you to your video library, where you can select the video you would like to upload. Backdrop’s in-app video editor is still being perfected, which means for this beta version, you can only upload pre-edited videos (Tip: use apps like CapCut or InShot).

Once you select your video, you will be asked to fill in your preferred caption and the backdrop where the video was taken, as you can only upload moments that were made in existing backdrops. You click share, and that’s it; you’ve shared a moment.

How to Watch a Moment

Just like collections and backdrops, you will be able to see moments that people you follow have shared, liked and commented on right on your Social Feed. You will also get to see trending moments on the Explore page from users you might not be following.

That’s not all, though. Now, when you click on a backdrop and scroll to the bottom, you will be able to watch moments that were created in that space — giving you an even more thorough view of a backdrop you might want to visit.

As for moments you upload, those can be found under the Moments tab on your profile. Well, what are you waiting for? Create and share a moment at your favourite backdrop!

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