How To Ensure Your Baecation Is Perfect

How To Ensure Your Baecation Is Perfect

Chidubem Emelumadu

After an eternity of mandatory in-house movie nights and banana bread dates, there's no better way to spice up your relationship than a trip to a romantic resort far away from town. It’s time for some breath-taking scenery, stargazing on a rooftop and getting those #baecation pictures for the ‘gram.

But while travelling with your partner can be exciting and magical, it can also be a make or break experience. Fights aren’t always easily solved with a kiss or cocktail, so knowing how to avoid or resolve issues is vital on a vacation with bae.

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Here are 12 tips to make sure everything goes smoothly and you both have the time of your lives:

1. Find the perfect accommodation

The more intimate the accommodation, the better the stay. While many see a hotel or an Airbnb as just a place to sleep, the right accommodation can make all the difference on your trip.

2. Do things to make your partner feel special

Stop by a store to get your partner's favourite snacks or order some flowers in the morning to show just how much you appreciate them. Come up with romantic couple’s activities you’ll both love to keep the relationship exciting and fresh.

3. Plan ahead and include things you both love

Remember that the trip is for two so make enough space for your partner to enjoy the holiday as they would like. It’s important that both partners feel catered to when on a baecation.

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4. Don't forget essentials

A hungry belly and a dead cell phone can make for a grumpy car ride to the hotel. Make sure to pack all the essentials, eat breakfast, or at the very least, grab some cookies. If you do forget something, remember to have some patience, find the nearest store and not lash out at your partner.

5. Deal with issues as they arise

As you spend a lot of time together, getting upset or annoyed is unavoidable. Don’t try to deal with issues by ignoring them but also know when to just let the little things go. You may find out that your partner was really just exhausted or anxious. A bad mood isn't a bad person.

6. Know your strengths

Are you great at reading maps? Are they better at planning dates? Know your strengths and function accordingly. It’ll help you become better at complementing each other.

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7. Learn to compromise on decisions

Whether you’re butting heads over what restaurant to visit or what hotel to book, compromising on your vacation is the key to a pleasant trip. Meet in the middle when there are differences, take turns to choose activities and be willing to do things your partner likes. Remember, you’re on the same team.

8. Hang out with other people

Spending time with other people helps take off some pressure to excite each other constantly. Head to a bar to meet interesting locals, have new conversations and get great ideas of things to do in the city. Road trips or theme parks are also much more exciting in a group and can improve the overall experience.

9. Speak about finances

Having the money conversation is key to having a frictionless travel experience as you discover the world together. Do not ignore it. Be transparent about your budget and discuss how much you’re comfortable spending on accommodation and adventures. Create a spreadsheet including costs and leave some room for miscellaneous expenses.

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10. Be positive

Ending the days with a sweet word or reiterating your feelings for each other will make the trip infinitely better. Don't play the blame game, practice empathy and put yourself in your partner’s shoes to understand how they are feeling. It’ll also help to check in on your partner regularly and make sure no one goes to bed upset.

11. Try new things together

Go on the trip with an open mind - stop by a yoga class, go island-hopping or try bungee jumping if you’ve never done so before. Remember that your plans may not always go according to plan, so stay adaptable.

12. Savour the memories

These will be some of your best memories so make sure to live in the moment and enjoy them as much as you can. Spend less time texting your friends back home and more time enjoying the company of your partner; you’ll have a lot more stories to reminisce about. Pictures help you remember all the incredible times so take lots of those too.

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