Halloween in New Orleans: A Backdrop Guide Through The Most Haunted City In The US

Halloween in New Orleans: A Backdrop Guide Through The Most Haunted City In The US

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The birthplace of jazz is famed for being a hub of paranormal activity, and I’m not surprised. If I died in a city with such incredible art and culture, I’d be tempted to stick around, too. Unfortunately, though, the fright factor of this city isn't a result of such wholesome resolutions. Instead, New Orleans is an immortalisation of Victorian vogue and gall. Crescent city is very well known for costume-level indulgence — heck, it's home to Mardi Gras World.

Mardi Gras World

Because of this reputation, it's almost inarguable that there isn't a better city to celebrate Halloween in the US. Here are eight backdrops to check out if you're thinking of spending your Halloween nights out:

Even before it gets dark, the flickering globe lights are an excellent indication of how the lighting of this amusement park at City Park can accentuate a perfect Halloween night. Carousel Gardens Amusement Park hosts lots of the City Park Halloween Fundraisers, one of which promises lots of beer and no children.

Brews and Boos is on today and tomorrow, but I think you could still wear a PG costume for as long as the Halloween spirit sticks around.

Carousel Gardens Amusement Park

2. Escape My Room

Making it out of a museum sounds like a piece of cake until you start unravelling mysteries about a peculiar historical family. In this interactive chilling game, you find clues and hints to solve the puzzles that’ll let you out. The sessions work up your adrenaline at most but aren’t dangerous — at least, that’s what they say. I’ve seen too many movies in that genre to try, especially on Halloween night in New Orleans, but you might be more daring than I am.

Check out their site for booking information and more.

Escape My Room

3. Napoleon House, New Orleans

Since, on the outside, it looks more like the 200-year-old landmark it is, you’d think all you’d walk away with is a history lesson at best. I never turn down a chance to learn, though, so I checked it out anyway and found that this restaurant is rumoured to be haunted by up to three different ghosts. They even have Halloween cocktail recipes.

Seriously, though, If you're looking for a spine-chilling experience without the need to dress up like any other person besides the version of you anticipating a good time, visit their website. There you’ll find information needed to plan a visit, as well as the confirmed anxiety-ridden yet exciting yore.

Napoleon House

4. Chalmette Battlefield

This is one of the few historic landmarks you don't have to pay to explore, offering you the promise of a sufficiently spooky experience, free of charge. On a passionate visit, the guided tours can help you learn about The War of 1812 and the soldiers who died on the battlefield. Some say the combatants still linger in the area as spirits, putting Chalmette Battlefield on the list of haunted houses in Louisiana where some visitors express a troubled atmosphere, especially at the army posts.

Chalmette Battlefield

5. Commander's Palace

Thanks to this restaurant’s strict dress code (which can be summed up as formal), your costume choices are streamlined if you're not trying to do anything too whimsical. As a reference from your favourite romance set in the 1880s or just putting on as much makeup and as many accessories as you can stand while donning your dressiest dress, make sure you're dressed to impress when you visit. This hotspot is famous for its uncompromising aesthetic value, which has existed since the 19th century. You can rest assured that the other visitors will not only maintain but also appreciate the ambience.

But remember, under all the glam and the luxurious experience for your tastebuds, phantoms and fiends are said to lurk around sometimes, especially in one of the ladies bathrooms. Maybe the Halloween spirit will ensure a theatrically one-of-a-kind experience. Visit their website for all you need to know about visiting one of the best restaurants in The Big Easy.

Commander’s Palace

6. Hotel Monteleone

A circus-style revolving bar is precisely my kind of caprice, and I would gladly dress to match the cocktail I’d indulge in all night. As a milestone location, the scores of years this hotel has spent standing has been plenty of time for the most intriguing things to happen here. As a result, the hotel has acquired its own ghost stories, too, like most other New Orleans landmarks.

For reservations and enquiries, check them out online.

Hotel Monteleone

7. Jack Rose

The whimsical decor enables enough, but the dress code: Come as you are, or how you'd like to be, truly pitches the gospel of dressing up. At this restaurant, they prioritise extravaganza; you could even don a Lil Wayne costume to match his portrait hanging on one of the walls.

To find out more, visit the establishment's website.

Jack Rose

8. Storyland

For those who need somewhere to take kids, this is just the place. You might not be able to stay out later than 6 pm on most days, but the kids (and you, too!) can have fairytale-themed costumes to match the park. There are more than 20 different scenes, and in just two to three hours, the children will thank you for a fantastic day of sun and fun.


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