15 Family-Friendly Destinations To Go With Kids

15 Family-Friendly Destinations To Go With Kids

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Travelling with kids isn't something most people can do on a whim. It takes careful consideration of multiple factors, many of which are directly connected to where you’re going. Choosing a destination is, therefore, one of the most significant decisions involved in spending holiday time with your little ones.

If you're looking to take some of that pressure off, here are 15 of the best places to travel with children:

1. Spain

Excellent climate conditions and beautiful greenery aren't the only reasons Spain is mostly a fun in the sun kind of destination for children. Many playgrounds, kid-friendly beaches and outdoor cultural sites mean you don’t have to look too far or hard to find something new and exciting. The food here is not only delicious, but there are choices for even the fussiest eaters, too. There are also many tasty treats to be enjoyed on the go.

2. Singapore

Just a few of the most magical natural locations, including butterfly farms and waterfalls, are just short drives away from architectural wonders. In Singapore, both children and adults are filled with appreciation for the simplicity of beauty all around. But the level of aesthetic functionality is something that mostly parents will be grateful for.

3. Costa Rica

Not only are there lots of outdoor activities, but most of them are also within short driving distance from each other. You can spend the whole day rolling from fun to fun. It guarantees adventure-filled days with no chance for boredom. It is easy and affordable to find quality accommodation here, as it is one of the world’s most budget-friendly destinations.

Corcovado National Park via @flash.factory on Instagram.

4. Vietnam

The astonishing landscape here comprises praiseworthy views and navigation systems — including beautifully walkable roads. (This is probably why trekking is a common activity for tourist families.) Vietnam is also relatively affordable, which means the children can have many wholesome experiences without draining your pocket.

5. Ghana

African culture is legendary in historical ways, like a sword buried in the ground, and in contemporary ways, like the famous markets that have run for decades. With knowledge of all the beaches and amusement parks right around the corner, your kids will be excited to go out into the warm environment (which allows for light packing, too).

6. France

France is usually a luxury option with family-friendly accommodation choices of cottages, villas and sophisticated hotels/apartments. The destination is also famous for campsites that are just convenient enough for children and their parents who want to spend time with them. You can explore chateaux, go kayaking or spend some time on the beach, enjoying mild weather on the western coast.

Nigloland Parc d’Attractions et Hôtel via @sortiraparis.officiel on Instagram.

7. Japan

Japan is the perfect ratio of modern to traditional living, creating timeless stimulation for the kids and broadening their imagination. Japan is well-known for being safe, clean and stressless to navigate, making it an excellent place for children of all ages.

8. Canada

Immersive as Canada is, the natural hot springs and temperate weather make it perfect for parents looking to make the most of nap times. The more fun and audacious stuff mainly include outdoor recreation like mountain climbing, skiing in winter, floating down rivers and bird watching or getting on a ferry to see more wildlife like orcas and sea lions.

9. Cuba

The centuries’ worth of transferred culture is quite rich and colourful, making it all immersively fun to learn. There is a satisfactory balance of relaxation and adventure on the list of things that make Cuba a great place to visit. Even if you make your way around just a few neighbourhoods, you’re bound to come across some locals who are especially friendly to kids and/or people with kids.

Havana via @irina_cherpita on Instagram.

10. Germany

Most cities are walkable, and walking on foot is suitable for exploring. Still, there are family-friendly train carriages and other agreeable means of transportation. You’ll quickly find playgrounds in every other neighbourhood, too. People are only just realising how much of a great choice Germany is, though, so if you’d like to avoid crowds of other tourists, this is the place for you.

11. Portugal

In this culture-rich destination, the kids can learn as much as they can explore. The other popular activities include spending time on the beach, taking walks and cycling. The accommodation choices range from cosy cottages to expansive villas with family-friendly packages, including potties and napkins. Public transport is also worthwhile, and locals are friendly with children.

12. Norway

A vacation here can be both relaxing and adventure-filled for people of all ages. Most of the best experiences involve appreciating nature (e.g., touring cute little farms). The amusement parks, too, are loaded with games and activities for all. Norway is also known for having excellent family accommodation packages.

13. The United Kingdom

From Great Britain to Scotland, there are many amusing things to learn in the many UK museums (which usually have children-centred exhibits and tours). Historical landmarks are also fun to explore, with children’s commentary sometimes providing the adults with hilariously different perspectives.

Paulton’s Park via @tattsandcoasters on Instagram.

14. Switzerland

Theme trails and alpine playgrounds keep Swiss kids happy day in and day out, but experiencing the summer toboggan and mountain scooters for the first time will undoubtedly be memorable for little ones visiting for the first time. Summer here is for everyone who wants to have fun, no matter their age.

15. Australia

It’s generally preferable to bring older kids here because it’s a long flight from most places, and the country has vast wildlife. Still, this top food destination is safe enough for younger kids (and everyone else) to indulge in lots of delicious pizza for a reasonable amount of time without causing any problems.

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