15 Of The World’s Best Nightlife Cities

15 Of The World’s Best Nightlife Cities

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With the cover of darkness, many people can finally indulge in the wildest parts of themselves (or even their friends). Some destinations are especially great at getting you to loosen up: whether it's because of the alcohol, music or fun people.

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These places are the world’s best nightlife cities, and here are 15 of them:

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

In the party capital of Europe, lots of locations and burlesque activities cater especially to tourists. Since you're on vacation, you don't have to wait till the weekend rolls around to have your definition of an amazing time — you can get your freak on even on a Tuesday night.

Photo by Jordan Pulmano on Unsplash

2. Las Vegas, United States

With its reputation for vice, this location — rightfully monikered Sin City — draws everyone in to marry the night. And like Gaga herself, the fun is all-inclusive. With so many of these corners and the vast variety of what you can do, there's no time or place to stall. Take one look around, and it'll even feel like the whole city is awake with you up until daybreak.

Photo Credit: Ameer Basheer on Unsplash.

3. Ibiza, Spain

The already world-famous nightlife hotspot was made even more famous after Mike Posner’s mildly unsettling song. But hey, it's a bop and telltale of just how fast nights become more nights as you indulge in dancing to electronic music: one of the most popular activities on this Spanish island. While there’s a lot of indoor entertainment, the many coasts and beaches add a certain flair to Ibiza’s nightlife offerings.

4. Belgrade, Serbia

For years now, this city has kept the party going all night every night. In winter, pubs, clubs and all other kinds of indoor activities help people stay sultry. On the other hand, when summer comes around, everyone heads to waterfront locations to enjoy the cool night breeze. These locations are mainly clubs along the riverbank, and they are called Splavovi.

5. Moscow, Russia

Burlesques and flamboyance are the order of the day (and night) in the First Throne, so it's no wonder the LGBTQ+ scene is so alive here. Nightlife in the Russian capital mostly attracts magnates — from royalty to just obscenely wealthy people. However, anyone can come to drink, dance and enjoy extraordinary performances.

Photo Credit: Alexander Popov on Unsplash.

6. Dublin, Ireland

Irish locals have a reputation for being exceptionally friendly, and all these good vibes find their way into the hundreds of pubs scattered throughout Dublin. Because of how often I get peckish, I especially adore that there is Irish coffee and Guinness Stew, even long after the sun sets.

Photo by Caterina Begliorgio on Unsplash

7. Buenos Aires, Argentina

World famous tango houses and an abundant supply of liquor and cocktails make Buenos Aires one of the coolest places to be at night. A certain bar is even run by an antique collector, so imagine viewing vintage cars/motorbikes while a little buzzed before heading over to real raves.

8. Tokyo, Japan

Famously colourful, Tokyo’s nocturnal activities come in nearly unimaginable varieties. Starting with a few cocktails or beers at small bars properly prepares you to dance all night to world-renowned music. Or, if you're feeling a little spicy, check out the love hotels, many of which offer sexual excitement like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Photo by Pema Lama on Unsplash

9. Hong Kong, Republic of China

This city gets especially dazzling as the sun sets and the high rises light up the sky.  Not long after, you can easily find places brimming with good music, alcohol and party people who can't help but enjoy both. Remember to look to the top, too, as rooftop bars can offer a truly unique experience of nighttime amusement.

Photo Credit: Serey Kim on Unsplash.

10. Stockholm, Sweden

Underground techno houses and immersive house vibes are peculiar to the Stockholm night scene; all the amazing Swedish DJs and musicians are proof enough, no? An especially adored activity is dancing under stars in outdoor/patio locations.

11. Bangkok, Thailand

Since the significant decrease in the crime rate about a decade ago, the frenzy of Bangkok’s nightlife scene has become more luring. Surrounded by so many others with such great energy, it's hard to focus on anything but the moment. Whether you're shopping at the night markets or drowning in good music and alcohol, Thailand’s capital city has great vibes night after night after night.

Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

12. Cancun, Mexico

With its reputation for fun in the sun, one might not quickly assume this city has the top-tier nightlife scene that it does: an influence of the influx of student tourists for spring break that started decades ago. Now, with club capacities in the thousands, there are lots of places in Cancun to party till dawn.

13. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The relaxed clothing expectations compliments all the Samba, making it possible to get very comfortable as you dance your heart out in Rio’s active night scene. Whether it's the largest street parties or crawling pub after pub, party people populate the city, and are ready to express that every night.

14. Cape Town, South Africa

Live music, good wine, remarkable dancing and much more await you at South Africa’s Mother City. There are even secret clubs with elaborate trails leading up to the entrance. Talk about a trip fest.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Le Roux on Unsplash.

15. Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Wild nights on the beach are the most popular nocturnal activities tourists in Costa Rica like to get involved in. However, the mixology prowess of Ticos can't go unmentioned: with all the freshest ingredients around, you’ll never find Piña Coladas more satisfying.

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