Backdrop’s Social Feed Lets You Build Your Own Community

Backdrop’s Social Feed Lets You Build Your Own Community


As we at Backdrop continue to grow and evolve, our dream remains the same: to fundamentally change how people discover the beauty of the world. And every new feature we launch brings us a little closer to that dream; the latest being Social Feed.

Remember, Backdrop is as much a social network as it is a travel app, and more of our upcoming features will reflect that.

What is Social Feed?

Social Feed is a feature that makes Backdrop even more engaging by showing you the activities of other users, including the backdrops they post, the ones they like and the ones they add to their Public Collections. It's a modification to the regular home screen, allowing users to see what other users are up to.

While our explore page has helped thousands of users curate the backdrops that make up their feed, nothing beats a little help from people whose taste you trust.

All you have to do is follow users with similar tastes and sensibilities, and if you can’t find them, invite your friends to join Backdrop. We can never have too many tastemakers on the app.

How to use Social Feed

We’ve told you what Social Feed is and how it works. Now, here are four ways you can use the update to the fullest:

1. Build your own community

Social Feed gives you the opportunity to get to know other backdrop users and keep up with their activities. This way, you can connect with people from all around the world with similar travel and lifestyle interests, building your own tight-knit community along the way.

2. Plan group outings, trips or vacations

Social Feed gives you and your friends a way to see where your tastes intersect. Whenever a friend you follow interacts with a cool backdrop, one of you could add it to your group’s Public Collection — that one y’all made for Sunday Brunch plans — and go there together.

3. Plan a vacation for someone else

Step up your thoughtfulness game with surprise trips to backdrops (parks, hotels, restaurants, museums and more) that your special someone likes or shares. Choose a perfect spot you already know they love without ever dropping a hint.

4. Spruce up your feed

Whether it's your favourite lifestyle influencer, or someone a little more special to you, there are people you trust to appreciate the same tasteful aesthetics you do. Their influence on your backdrop feed is its own reward, no?

So, download the app if you haven't already, or update it if you have, and start keeping up with your faves.

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