Backdrop’s Public Collections Is A Curator’s Dream

Backdrop’s Public Collections Is A Curator’s Dream


Public Collections, the latest Backdrop feature, allows you to share your Saved Collections with the rest of our growing community. Saved Collections with five or more backdrops now have a publish button. By clicking this, you make your collection available to other Backdrop users.

If you don’t already know about Backdrop, we are a travel discovery app and social network that allows users share and discover pretty places both far and near (we call them backdrops), as well as all the vital information you need about said backdrops

With our Saved Collections feature, users have had the chance to organise their favourite backdrops based on colour, themes, aesthetics and even — as in my case — the fact that the places have a lot of legroom.

At Backdrop, we know that getting to curate is rewarding enough on its own, as it gives you a chance to express yourself. Now, your collections — like a great playlist — can be appreciated by other users.

Enjoying the new feature

Valentine's Day is approaching, so let’s channel the romantic wanderer within. A baecation in Greece, for example, would be absolutely incredible. How can Backdrop help with that? Well, you can make a Saved Collection of backdrops you’d love to visit on that trip with your partner.

The process involves searching for hashtags like #Greek and cities like Mykonos and Santorini. Add the most romantic-looking places you can find to your collection and give it a name like ‘Greek Baecation‘.

Now that you can publish and share your collections, you can let your partner in on this unique itinerary you’ve worked on. Public Collections makes this compilation available to both of you, and with your partner's input, you can modify the list into the perfect itinerary for your vacation.

If you don't have a partner but are big on spreading wanderlust, share your collections with your friends, too. The collection can serve as a great way to remind yourself (and everyone else) that you have great taste. If they love your Spotify playlists, they’ll love to see the beautiful places you want to visit as well.

Public Collections also comes to the rescue when you can't curate a collection yourself. Whether it's because you’re running low on energy, not in the mood or just a big fan of specific curators, save and check out another user’s collection. For example, you can save a group of restaurants curated by your favourite chef or food influencer known for having good taste.

This new feature serves users who like to curate their own experiences and those who prefer recommendations from trusted curators. No matter which one you are, have fun sharing collections!

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