Backdrop’s Group Collections Feature Lets You Curate Activities With Friends

Backdrop’s Group Collections Feature Lets You Curate Activities With Friends


At Backdrop, we believe in the power of curation and community. After all, the major purpose of our app is to encourage the discovery, exploration and sharing of pretty places all around the world.

This is what inspired Group Collections: The latest upgrade to the OG Backdrop feature, Saved Collections.

The evolution of Saved Collections

The Saved Collections feature has served as an effective way for Backdrop users to categorise their favourite backdrops based on everything from aesthetics to themes

With all the exciting collections our users were creating, we realised the need for an option that allowed them to share these collections with other users. Soon enough, the Public Collections feature was launched.

However, as users had more of their friends join the app, we recognised new ways to maximise interaction as well as collaboration. This led to another evolution of the feature: Group Collections.

The benefit of Group Collections

Have you ever wanted to plan a group trip? Wouldn't it be great if everyone had a hand in picking where to visit? Well, Group Collections allows multiple Backdrop users to create a single collection of backdrops.

Even if there isn't a solid outing plan yet, the simple existence of a collaborative mood board is perfect. It's safe to say that the pleasure of artistic curation is its own reward, but it also saves time and effort when a real expedition comes up.

How to create a Group Collection

The process is the same as creating any good ol’ collection on Backdrop. Simply go to the collections tab as seen in the circle below:

Click on ‘New Collection,’ which is the first box with the ‘+’ sign on it. Right under the name field, you’ll find the Group Collection toggle button.

Note: You have to name the collection and click enter on your keyboard before you can click any other button.

Once you turn on the Group Collection state, the next step is to add the members or ‘friends’. You’ll be presented with a list of your followers, and you can either scroll to find someone or use the search field. Once you’re done, you and your group can begin adding backdrops to the collection.

You can create a Group Collection with family members, friends or just some followers with undisputed taste. Who's going to be in your group?

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