Backdrop Is Now Available On Android

Backdrop Is Now Available On Android


At Backdrop, our mission is simple: to become the go-to travel companion and travel discovery app for people who are adventurous and curious about the world. We know we can’t do that if we aren’t accessible to as many people as possible, and that is why we worked hard to get the Android version of our app up and running. Well, we finally did it: Backdrop is officially available on Android!

Discover the beauty of the world around you with Backdrop.

Just like the iOS app, the Android app allows users find and share beautiful spaces around the world. The Backdrop feed, which you can customise by following tags and other users, offers a steady stream of stunning spots near and far; our Key Details feature provides all the necessary information about said spots, from closing time to pet policies; and our Collections feature allows you to organise your favourite backdrops and share with others, kind of like a playlist.

About Backdrop finally being available on Android, CEO Damilola Odufuwa said:

“Backdrop is built to be a global product with users across many demographics, including those on multiple smartphone devices.

Since we launched the app on iOS, we’ve received hundreds of requests from travel lovers to build for Android. Listening to our community and building features that make it easier to explore and find pretty places is always a priority.

Thank you for being patient with us. Please download the app on the Google Play Store, tell your friends and share your feedback with us.”

We aren’t done innovating at Backdrop. Expect many more exciting updates and features in the coming months. Now, like our CEO said, download the app on Android and get your friends to do it, too.

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