A Brand New Look For Backdrop

A Brand New Look For Backdrop


Back in 2020, the idea for Backdrop was simple: an app to find pretty places. Since then, the app has evolved in many incredible ways — with exciting new features now available and many more still on the way. So, we figured our branding should reflect that evolution.

About our old branding, Damilola Odufuwa, our CEO, explained:

“We had spent our time and energy focused on the look and feel of the app itself [the features], that we didn’t realise we hadn’t worked on a logo until we were done with the first iOS staging version and needed an app icon.

In one hour, we came up with what we wanted it to look like. We were inspired by the look of the app itself — minimal and clean.

We knew we would eventually refine this visual identity, but we didn’t want that to stop us from putting our app out and getting feedback from our early testers.”

Now, with the app available on the App Store (we officially launched back in September 2021), and our users growing and sharing their feedback, we have a clearer understanding of what Backdrop is and could be.

This helped inform the direction of our brand redesign, and Dá Design Studio definitely delivered.


“For the love of travel and picturesque places” was the sentence that informed every major creative choice Dá Design made, from the elements that came together to form the icon to the final colour scheme.

On working with Dá Design for this important rebrand, Damilola said:

“They were initially fully booked, but we loved their work so much and wanted the best. So we waited patiently for them to have the time to focus on Backdrop.”


To capture the spirit of “travel” and “picturesque places,” we went with a location pin and a dazzle, which is a simplified camera flash. They are simple and universal elements, effortlessly representing what Backdrop stands for.


For the colour scheme, we wanted hues that could accommodate — not disrupt or overshadow — the diversity of colour from the photos on the app. White is the most neutral colour in the context of photos; and pink, a colour associated with prettiness, is bold and vibrant.

We also wanted a scheme with a distinct look outside of the feed. A scheme that is fun and feels like the positive emotions that come with travelling, conveniently exploring and visiting pretty places.


For the typeface, we wanted something that felt human — because travel is a very human activity. We also wanted something contemporary, distinctive and beautiful; Backdrop is an app for finding beautiful places, after all.

The moment we saw Stabil, we knew we had a winner.

Meet Spot

We are very excited to introduce you to Spot, our adorable brand mascot (who also doubles as our new logo). Spot embodies travel and the excitement of finding pretty places, and you’ll definitely be seeing more of it.

About why Spot is the perfect mascot for Backdrop, Dami explained:

“Spot loves exploring, loves finding pretty places and is curious. That is exactly what the Backdrop team and our users are like.”

Spot will also be appearing on Backdrop merch in the future, so be prepared to have the little cutie in your home very soon.

On why this rebrand better represents the company, Damilola concluded:

“It works because it feels alive. It’s the perfect marriage of our brand, our team and our users.”

Backdrop’s new identity embodies our love for travel and picturesque places. It gives us even more room to present and position ourselves as the travel app to find pretty places around the world.

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