7 Places In The World You Can Go To Make A Wish

7 Places In The World You Can Go To Make A Wish

Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo

The age-old practice of wishing upon a star may or may not be hogwash, depending on how much of a believer you are, but you can try it out wherever you are. Most people will tell you that coming out of your comfort zone is necessary to make your dreams a reality.

So, perhaps crossing a few seas to make very special wishes will make them much more likely to come true, as opposed to standing on your front porch. But the question now is: where do you go?

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Here are seven places famous for their wish-granting powers:

1. The Trevi Fountain, Rome

Fontana di Trevi is popularly recognised as the largest and most beautiful fountain in Rome, but that's not the main reason it's such a popular tourist destination. In 1954, the movie Three Coins In The Fountain popularised the myth that the fountain grants wishes as long as you do it correctly: throwing the coin in with your right hand over your left shoulder. Since then, millions of euros in coins have been collected from the fountain each year, used by the Roman government for charity.

Photo Credit: Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash.

2. The Wailing Wall, Israel

The Western Wall is also known as the Wailing Wall because of the history of Jews coming here to lament the loss of their city. Now, religious people (Christians, Jews and Muslims) go there to pray, leaving notes of their prayers between the cracks of the walls. Some past US Presidents and presidential candidates have participated in this activity. Twice a year, caretakers collect the little notes and bury them in the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives.

Photo Credit: Bruno Aguirre on Unsplash.

3. Lake Svetoyar, Kitezh

This perfectly rounded lake has quite the yore, including the moniker: Russian Atlantis. Its real name, on the other hand, translates to the combination of purity and the name of a deity worshipped by the locals. For years, it's been believed that walking around the lake three times makes your wishes come true.

Photo Credit: @visitrussia.travel on Instagram

4. The Blarney Stone, Ireland

With lots of history to its previous use, this piece of earth is most known for bestowing the gift of eloquence to all those who kiss it. It's a bit of a challenge, though: you have to hold on to an iron railing and lean back and down. (Visual representation below.) While I would rather not be stressed, being able to express myself better is one of my biggest wishes.

Photo Credit: Martin Dunseath on Instagram.

5. Feroz Shah Kotla, India

According to the legends, magical shape-shifting spirits live in this 14th-century fortress in New Delhi. Visitors are warned not to linger around if they aren't leaving prayers for these spirits, called Djinns, who are responsible for answering the callers’ pleas.

Photo Credit: Barun Ghosh on Unsplash.

6. The Sculpture Of John Of Nepomuk, Czech Republic

This historic statue is located at Charles Bridge in Prague. Visitors who wish to return to the city often hear of the tradition of touching the surface on which the statue stands for a chance for that wish to come true. There is also a myth that looking to the cross with five stars earns you good luck.

Photo Credit: @dream_instars on Instagram.

7. The Seven Sources Of Rhodes, Greece

In a small park on this Greek Island, seven springs flow into a ravine, one of the most romantic places in the old and new world. However, the place is also famous for its legendary healing powers, attracting visitors who wish to be free of all sorts of ailments. Also, if you go in the nearby tunnel, it’s believed you’ll be cleansed of your sins.

Photo Credit: All Over Greece

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