7 Of The Most Scenic Hot Springs In The US

7 Of The Most Scenic Hot Springs In The US

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It can be hard to have a truly relaxing getaway, especially in the United States, where even the conventionally ‘fun’ activities can be a bit overwhelming. Hot Springs are a popular way to fully slow down, drawing your attention to the ease of the present.

Whether you go for the incredible view, the atmosphere, or just floating around, being at a scenic hot spring has both spiritual and scientific benefits, all of which improve your quality of life. The next time you're looking for somewhere to kick back, check out any of these seven most scenic hot springs in the USA:

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1. Chena Hot Springs, Fairbanks, Alaska

If you start planning your visit now, you’ll be ready anytime between September and March — the best period to see the Northern lights at their brightest. During the day, though, you can admire the enclosure of snow-covered boulders, peaks and trees. The warmth of the water and the cold look of the setting should be an exciting contrast.

2. Dunton Hot Springs, Dolores, Colorado

Dunton is a vast alpine valley with a ghost town setting that puts you right in the middle of a romantic 1800s movie. For me, the surreality is even further intensified by the all-inclusive operation. You can rent as much as the entire town for special events.

Photo credit: Dunton on Instagram.

3. Mystic Hot Springs, Monroe, Utah

This desert backdrop is known to have hot mineral water boiling all the way up to 168°F and flowing into two smaller pools, where it’s a bit cooler but still regularly boils up to 102°F. The beauty at sunset is like something right out of a storybook-turned-movie.

4. Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs, Boulder City, Nevada

This is one of the best scenic hot springs for people who especially enjoy the whole adventure of hiking that comes with the average visit to a hot spring. Over boulders, through a canyon wash, and to the end of the Colorado River if you have a little extra time.

Photo Credit: Strawberrygirl4life on Instagram.

5. Hot Springs National Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Nicknamed ‘The American Spa’, this place has a lot of fun facts, some of which highlight the exceptional value of the site. You can take in the park’s beauty, whether or not you're bathing, and exploring the park is often on the itinerary of most visitors. Hot Springs National Park can be explored in a day.

6. Carson Mineral Hot Springs, Carson, Washington

The largest hot spring in Eagle Valley pours 60 gallons of water (up to 120°F) every minute. The Carson Mineral resort is Victorian style, offering private indoor pools, saunas and spa rooms. It’s an excellent place to relax royally against the historic aesthetic scene.

Photo Credit: Carson Hot Springs on Instagram.

7. Granite Falls Hot Springs, Jackson, Wyoming

It costs less than $10 to get into the major pool here, and Granite also has two natural pools without a fee. The scene is the Gros Ventre Mountains and a fascinating forest of fir and pine trees. The established pool can contain up to 80 people at a time, and indeed, they get even more visitors than that often; prepare to wait for a little if you show up at a busy time.


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