7 African Countries With The Best Christmas Spirit

7 African Countries With The Best Christmas Spirit

Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo

A tropical Christmas sounds like heaven, especially to those who have had enough of the cold snow. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow, and I think it's one of the most magical natural phenomena. However, after enough Christmases with blankets of frozen sheets of water, sun and fun feels quite ideal. As Africa gains global recognition as a hub of multicultural experiences, it helps foreigners and locals alike to learn what amazing adventures they can find in the Mother Continent.

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The countries on this list celebrate Christmas in the most unforgettable ways, disproving the notion that only a white Christmas in a winter wonderland is Christmas enough. If you've been looking forward to an African adventure and would like a unique Yuletide experience, here are seven of the best Christmas destinations in Africa:

1. Kenya

A visit to this coastal country ensures you don't have to sacrifice the yuletide spirit for a chance to still rock your summer body. Gorgeous resorts lie on beaches with finer sand, and whenever you decide to leave, you can run into Santa. Over here, though, he’ll probably be riding a camel, rather than reindeer, and there’ll be cypress trees decorated as Christmas trees.

Nairobi National Park

2. South Africa

A Sunshine and barbecues Christmas sounds almost as impossible as Christmas in July. Yet, we live in a world where you can make both happen if you know how. While the Christmas in summer celebration can only have fake snow at best, your summertime barbecue Christmas can have both real sunshine and barbecue if you spend your holiday in this destination of topographical wonder.

Cabo Beach Club

3. Seychelles

Every destination on this list is better to visit when you have family there, but Seychelles particularly takes the cake. Kids, especially, would be grateful for a Christmas on any of the hundreds of Islands. They'll spend the day at Christmas beach parties, doing exciting water activities like diving and sailing to other islands, only to return to delicious banquets. Highlights the ‘tropical’ part of tropical Christmas, doesn't it?

Mango House

4. Nigeria

Lagos is where all the trendiest explorers go to detty December, hopping from huge concerts to the hottest clubs. Even if you're looking to celebrate in a more traditional way that lets you bring kids along, the family packages from the most excellent hotels are a good incentive. (And that's before the little ones find out about the Christmas village in Lekki.)


5. Tanzania

During the weeks of Christmas and New Year — and throughout the rest of winter — the Green Land is a hotspot for travellers worldwide. At this time of year, beer is abundant, and the markets are filled with the most sensational clothing materials. Views of the sky can also get pretty magnificent because of the migration of the most beautiful birds.

Pongwe Beach Hotel

6. Namibia

A play starring children usually happens all over the country on Christmas day. They're entertaining, and unforgettable meals and fun songs typically follow performances. The yuletide season is also the best time to try unique traditional alcohols, like Oshikundu, which is made with a kind of cereal crop called mahangu, and the beer must be consumed at most 6 hours after it is made.

Photo Credit: @chameleonsafaris on Instagram.

7. Ghana

Because the country’s Cocoa harvest usually happens during this season too, the country is in especially high spirits this time of year. Local musicians grace the stage of many outdoor parades, and you can hear carols in up to 60 different languages from children who are excited for Papa Bronya (Father Christmas).

Labadi Beach

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