7 Of The Best Boutique Hotels In NYC

7 Of The Best Boutique Hotels In NYC

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Boutique hotels are known for great customized service and aesthetically pleasing decor that reminds you, throughout your stay, that you're the main character. These hideaways are also truly exclusive, as most have less than a hundred rooms, with some having as little as ten!

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New York City is an acknowledged origin place of boutique hotels, so what better place to start, no? Here are seven of the best boutique hotels in NYC on Backdrop:

1. The Whitby Hotel

Located in Midtown NYC, this is one of the boutique hotels nearest to Central Park. With its own art collection and vintage decor, The Whitby is perfect for anyone with a special place for art in their hearts. Also, the never-ending supply of Casamigos puts the hotel on our collection of favourite boozy spots in New York.

The Whitby Hotel on Backdrop

2. The Beekman, A Thompson Hotel

Luxurious in the classiest way possible, The Beekman is located in the Financial District. It is nestled in the centre of a landmark — one of New York City’s earliest skyscrapers. The dim yet majestically lit Bar Room is so pleasant that it makes even a homebody like me want to spend one or two hours outside their room.

The Beekman on Backdrop

3. The Ludlow Hotel NYC

The earth tones of the decor make The Ludlow Hotel a personal favourite of this bohemian girl. Still – despite all the wrought iron and cowhide accents – lodging here is as chic as staying at other NYC boutique hotels. There are two museums not nearly a mile away, and the subway is just down the road, meaning you can explore Manhattan or Brooklyn even though you’re spending the night at a Lower East Side location.

The Ludlow on Backdrop

4. The William Vale

Of all the boutique hotels in NYC with a pool, The William Vale is known to have the largest. Also, this hotel is the biggest on this list, offering more than 180 rooms for lodging, most of which have breathtaking views over the Manhattan skyline. It is the definition of a summer dream with food from an award-winning chef.

The William Vale on Backdrop

5. PUBLIC Hotel

After the first visit, this paradise quickly becomes a go-to for people passing through NYC. PUBLIC is a green paradise with a spot on our list of Swoon Worthy New York Backdrops. The Hotel is perfect for lovers, friends and even those who want a break from the world with no company besides their pet. Also, many reviews praise the establishment's excellent staff and service.

PUBLIC Hotel on Backdrop

6. The Roxy Hotel

A chic bar and overall vintage aesthetic, a cinema, a jazz club, and many more luxuries are all a part of The Roxy. Besides movie screenings, they also hold special events — some daily. I imagine I could spend a whole weekend here, never leaving the building, and still have the time of my life.

The Roxy Hotel on Backdrop

7. Marram

This boutique resort makes this list because it’s a truly unique experience. (I mean, how many other places do you get the luxury of exploring barefoot?) Marram is an oceanview destination focusing on life’s simple pleasures like seats on the beach around a fire, making the resort one of our Sit Outside In New York favourites.

Marram on Backdrop

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