7 Of The Best Asian Restaurants To Eat At In London

7 Of The Best Asian Restaurants To Eat At In London

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Asian food has been part of British life for decades, and its popularity keeps rising, particularly for those who like to eat out. As a result, several amazing establishments have popped up all over the United Kingdom. Unsurprisingly, the experience can get very regal Where Royalty Lives, and this magnificence exists in both taste and decor.

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Looking for an exquisite eating experience? Here are seven of the best Asian restaurants to eat at in London:

1. Mei Ume

In the Four Seasons Hotel at Trinity Square, visitors are offered cuisines from two kitchens: Japanese and Chinese. With Mei Ume restaurant, the hotel welcomes people from near and far to experience the best of contemporary Asian fine dining. Sushi, sashimi, and a few other notable signature dishes are available here from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Mei Ume

2. The Ivy Asia St Paul's

Every day at lunch and dinner, you can taste lively London and a rich menu of Asian delicacies — including specials like Lunar New Year cocktails and desserts. At all of the franchise’s locations, there are vegan options and private dining sessions in particular areas. In the Ivy Asia St Paul’s, this private dining area has incredible views of St Paul’s cathedral, and it’s called the Edo Room, after the historic Edo Period.

The Ivy Asia St Paul’s

3. Sushi Samba

Unlike the typical Asian restaurant, Sushi Samba is a successful three-in-one celebration of different cultures and cuisines. Here, Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian dining happen under the same roof, providing an extensive menu and a unique urban jungle aesthetic. The high-end experience is highly recommended for special occasions.


4. Fatt Pundit

In Covent Garden and SoHo, Fatt Pundit is a taste of remarkable Indo-Chinese cuisine against a cosy, rustic aesthetic backdrop. The menu ranges up to six sorts, from vegan to halal to all the meat you can eat. The Asian fusion here results from a historical adaptation of native Indian spices in traditional Chinese techniques.

Fatt Pundit

5. The Ivy Asia, Mayfair

The menu here is just like the St Paul’s location, and the aesthetics are not too far apart. The main difference is the crowd; Mayfair is arguably London’s most exclusive neighbourhood. Therefore the callers are more likely fewer, but not for any shortcomings of the restaurant.‌‌

The Ivy Asia, Mayfair

6. MiMi Mei Fair

Also in the upscale district, MiMi Mei Fair boasts that it's Mayfair’s best-kept secret. The restaurant is a re-imagination of the private residence of Empress MiMi, a notable name in Beijing’s culinary history. The food here is prepared as a journey through the past century into modern times, and for the most part, all you’ll need to be part of the adventure is your tastebuds.

MiMi Mei Fair‌‌‌‌

7. Flesh & Buns Oxford Circus

Taste steamed buns with fillings you won't find anywhere else at this Japanese bar (Izakaya) styled stop. Callers are encouraged to enjoy themselves to the fullest, and with their bottomless brunch – including a non-stop flow of booze for two hours – who can say no? They say, ‘give into sin’, and to be honest, all I read is my full government name.

Flesh & Buns Oxford Circus

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