5 Pretty Pastel Places For Picture-Perfect Moments

5 Pretty Pastel Places For Picture-Perfect Moments

Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo

From dessert shops and dreamy streets to cute restaurants and cuter stores, spots with aesthetic pastel backgrounds are always perfect for work and play. Also – I think because they're the perfect picture of different colored eggs among springtime’s beautiful blooms – aesthetic pastel wallpapers are mainstream Easter decor. Basically, as spring hops by, everyone’s about to be basking in the gorgeous tints, offline as well as online.

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If, like us, you look forward to celebrating the soft brightness of spring, here are five aesthetic pastel locations you can visit in the USA:

1. Festive Collective, Chicago

Festive Collective is the home of BASH Party Goods, a modern party and paper brand founded by designer Angela Wator. This brand believes in creating spring cheerfulness all year round, selling different kinds of bright-coloured souvenirs for kids and adults alike. They have a sunny spot in Oak Park, but the most popular Festive Collective location, the one on Backdrop, is a little pink storefront in Chicago across the street from Logan Theatre.

Festive Collective on Backdrop

2. Casa Florida Cocktail Bar, Miami, Florida

Sipping cocktails in all that baby pink already sounds like such a dream, but then I imagine that experience in the company of my friends, and I can almost hear all the giggling. With bottomless brunch on the weekend and happy hour from Wednesday to Friday, Casa Florida is the perfect place to attain true spring spirit.

Casa Florida on Backdrop

3. Dan Jones, New York City

Open as early as 7 am, this snug cafe is a wonderful way to start your day in The Big Apple. The pastels of the scene are nuder and/or brown than multicolor, but in a city like New York, the Dan Jones coffee bar is as bright and beautiful as places get. The brand offers everyone a good time and the chance to be Dan Jones. The only criteria: have excellent taste in coffee.

Dan Jones coffee bar on Backdrop

Are you looking to make beautiful memories and moments in other parts of the world this spring? Easily discover more aesthetic pastel places on Backdrop.

4. Palihotel San Francisco

Although recently reimagined, this historic boutique hotel in Union Square maintains a vintage chic decor that anyone who loves a good picture can appreciate. All 82 rooms are designed with earth palettes and tints; just walking in is a cue to take things easy here. And if you stay long enough to want to explore, Palihotel is conveniently located in a wonderful walking area.

Palihotel San Francisco on Backdrop

5. Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles

This location is a hotel in the Dorchester collection with a long history of luxury service and amenities. Hotel Bel-Air is a tropical paradise in the perfect part of the country to be at this time of the year. The set here is mostly natural aesthetic pastel flowers against backgrounds of pale tints — highlighting the brightness of nature’s spring shades.

Hotel Bel-Air on Backdrop

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