5 Places In Los Angeles For The Perfect Couple Photoshoot

5 Places In Los Angeles For The Perfect Couple Photoshoot

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Whether it's in celebration of an engagement or anniversary, or for a post on the ‘Gram, check out these five locations for a couple photoshoot in Los Angeles:

1. Crumbs & Whiskers

DC and LA’s first cat cafe is a lush minimalist paradise of cats and pink and white. (The colors, not the Frank Ocean song.) If you have one or two or twenty cats of your own, you know how picturesque and satisfying it can be for you and your partner to snuggle up with cute kitties or simply lounge with them on aesthetic cozy furniture. And if you don't have your own cat, a picture session at Crumbs & Whiskers is a special experience for you and your partner — that you also get to immortalize in photos. All visits must be booked in advance, even if your only ‘equipment’ is your iPhone. For bigger projects, though, you can contact them here.

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2. High Tide

If you’re looking for a really private setting, then the photo booths here are perfect for you and your partner to take vintage aesthetic pictures the traditional way. However, for access to bigger creative rein – from music to decorations – this stylish bar lets you buyout the space for the period of your shoot. Plus, you can opt in to the open bar until you reach your buyout price. Nothing like bottomless cocktails to help a couple indulge in PDA, no?

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3. Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen

Co-owned by Hollywood’s Issa Rae herself, this place unsurprisingly strives to inspire authentic experiences, including love, queer as it can be. The brand welcomes doers and dreamers alike and helps to keep creative juices (mostly coffee) flowing for as long as you need. The minimalist industrial setup has greenery and natural light, brilliantly highlighting the tints and shades in the design palette. Hence, this is a wonderful space for making and capturing honest, beautiful moments. For access to any of their locations, contact Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen here.

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4. Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

Parks are common backgrounds of images that embody delight and allure. Beautiful flowers on a bright day are a romantic enough picture for some, but the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area also offers many accessible features and activities: biking, hiking, fishing, swimming, nature and wildlife viewing, etc. All these can be used to creative advantage. Click here for more info to help you plan a visit.

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5. Lady Byrd Cafe

Almost every romantic is a sucker for a good period drama setup, making the theme one of the best couple photoshoot ideas. You only need props and outfits if you personally want to fully commit, but Lady Byrd Cafe is, in itself, a remarkable image of a Regency-era English garden; the kind where Daphne and Simon would meet. There are outdoor dining areas in tiny greenhouses: a truly intimate set-up as each table and greenhouse only has two chairs to it. Even the silverware complements the dreamy aesthetic well. You can find contact information at the bottom of this page.

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