5 Fun Beach Photoshoot Ideas And Tips

5 Fun Beach Photoshoot Ideas And Tips

Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo

At the beach, you’ll find people who have come to unwind, bond or just lean into that little bit of vanity I think we all need. With summer upon us, this space where land, sea and sky meet will be as gorgeous as possible, making it the perfect place to capture moments worth reminiscing over.

Beach photoshoots are pretty incredible, and not just because of the sun’s extra shine. Even if you hadn't already been planning one, here are five beach photoshoot tips and ideas for the next time you’re at a pretty coast and decide it's worth it to freeze-frame.

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1. Drawing and writings in the sand

“You don't bring sand to the beach.” Famous words worth remembering at this moment. Using something the beach has in abundance can bring some rarity to your pictures, depending on just how creative you can get. Simple things: hearts, arrows, and even a resonating date or quote are common ways to add a lot of sentiment to the setting.

2. Don't go it alone

Things get a little sentimental when others hop on a ride with us. Pictures solidify memories, and you’ll never forget loved ones in beautiful times like that. I genuinely believe that serenity goes out into the atmosphere and your efforts — having you take photos that reflect that current satisfactory state. So, if you can, get someone to tag along, no matter what side of the camera they and/or you will be. They can help you set up or be an additional subject for your camera.

Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

3. Props

There are common beach-worthy props like the classic message in a bottle or glass/bottle of champagne in hand or books and picnic blankets. The best part is there are lots of options for any budget. After one or two visits, you should know what really gives that soft feel. Remember to tune into the natural setting instead of trying to make it look how you think it should.

4. Nature is golden

And I’m not just talking about the sand. When your shoot location is a waterfront, nothing is more important than the world quite literally around you. Moana might have been a little too dramatic, but you can learn a little something from her. The line where the sky meets the sea can call quite intensely, making a surreal backdrop. Under the sun's glow, too, it’s a natural burst of colours. If you're feeling particularly imaginative, perhaps try something night themed too?

5. Tell a story

An essential element of any work of art is a fundamental story. A picture is what a thousand words, right? However simple or complicated the theme is, make sure you know what exactly matters in that shot — physically and figuratively. Recognise added advantages, but work toward a specific shot.

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