5 Beautiful Woman-owned Places To Visit In New York

5 Beautiful Woman-owned Places To Visit In New York

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March is Women’s History Month, and as a company founded by a woman – with women leading in all departments –  it’s important to us to support women as much as possible. With this piece (and a few others to follow), we highlight beautiful spaces on Backdrop owned by incredible women.

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Today, International Women's Day, is a perfect day to go out and support women-owned businesses. So, we thought we’d point you in the right direction — as we always do. We've searched our favourite women-owned backdrops and picked some stunning spots you should visit. For those in the Empire State, here are five beautiful women-owned places on Backdrop:

1. Casa Ora

The kitchen's talents serve classic Venezuelan recipes with contemporary twists while you enjoy the cosy chic space. For those with any Latin American connections, this place is fully furnished such that there's a source of nostalgia wherever you look, even to the platters right in front of you. Casa Ora is owned and operated by a couple – Ivo Diaz and Rachel Diaz Pirard, the bar director and pastry chef, respectively – and Ivo’s mother, Isbelis Diaz, the executive chef.

Casa Ora

2. Maman Tribeca

This rustic cafe strives to be a haven for New Yorkers and visitors alike, whether you live fast or slow. Featuring French and American dishes, the kitchen techniques are derived from family traditions and the individual childhood experiences of the owners: Elisa Marshall and Benjamin Sormonte. After running a restaurant together in Ibiza, Elisa explains to The Lifestyle Edit, the partners wanted a role that allowed them to do as many things as they loved. Now, with 11 locations throughout the United States, Maman makes her dreams come true.


3. Ume

Running a restaurant is one of the last things Linda Wang would have ever thought she’d be doing, but today, lovers of sushi and sake say many thanks. At this surreal location, making dishes are a bit DIY, an embodiment of Wang’s experience of playing with her food in Japan (which many Americans are typically taught not to do). Ume is a fun and truly unique experience for those new to and used to Asian cuisine.


4. Love Shack Fancy

Forbes-recognised Rebecca Hessel Cohen is the founder and creative director of this vintage womenswear line which has been in operation for almost ten years. Although most of their customers are used to doing their shopping online, this literal fairy tale brand has a gorgeous store on Bleecker street. Loveshackfancy is a dreamy space for little and big girls, allowing them to feel like a character from the show, Bridgerton.


5. Hibiscus Brew

Black-owned and woman-owned Hibiscus Brew is a pink place in Brooklyn serving salads, smoothies, bowls and coffee. It is a budget-friendly beauty founded by Jamaica-born Allison Dunn, who ensures her customers get nutrient-filled deliciousness and nothing less. The cafe quickly became a cultural hub, despite being opened during the pandemic of 2020.

Hibiscus Brew

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