15 Of The Best Spring Destinations In The World

15 Of The Best Spring Destinations In The World

Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo

Did you know that Spring in most South American countries runs from late September to late December — as opposed to the European March to May? Still, these countries are year-round beauties to be admired whenever their definition of springtime comes around.

That said, here are 15 of the best places to go for unbelievably rich blooms and enabling weather:

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1. Medellin, Colombia

Colombia stays colourful all year round, enough that its capital city, Medellin, is dubbed the city of eternal spring. This Andean destination offers tropical warmth and vibrant beauty, as seen in Disney’s Oscar-winning hit, Encanto. The country wasn't always much of a tourist destination due to high crime rates, but over the last decade, there has been a significant increase in safety, leading to an influx of visitors.

Photo by Joel Duncan on Unsplash

2. Jaipur, India

India's topography makes for an incredible variety of colours when flowers start to bloom and leaves turn green. Jaipur, commonly referred to as the Pink City, is exceptionally accommodating this time of year. Still, it’s not as packed as you’d expect, making it extra appealing because springtime is for breathing cleaner, fresher air — which might be hard to do with the usual bustling crowd.

3. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto’s Cherry Blossoms are one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions in Spring. The bright blooms come in every shade of pink and white and are especially gorgeous against the cultural backdrop of the city. Cherry blossom viewing is an anticipated activity — they even announce the first blooms (and their best viewing locations). There are also four great spring shows, one of which involves dance performances in the special event called Miyako Odori.

Photo Credit: Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash.

4. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas is such a renowned spring destination; it gets an average of 3.6 million visitors annually between March and May, with most of the crowd showing up during spring break. You can also make the most of many travel deals during this period. Keep in mind that Sin City is enjoyable for tank tops and other light clothes during the day, but the weather gets cooler as the sun starts to set.

5. Rome, Italy

With the spring sunshine comes fresh breeze and the vibrant colours of many many flowers in Rome. There's a unique romantic rose garden, Roseto Comunale, mainly open between April and June. The garden’s only other visiting period is about two weeks in October (Autumn opening). The iconic park, Villa Borghese, is also a spectacular sight at this time of year.

6. Lao Cai City, Vietnam

Sapa town is arguably the most delightful tourist destination in the northern mountains. The sights are unbelievably picturesque, from above as well as from below. The foliage-covered mountains are an incredibly vibrant green, and the weather is exploration conducive on most days. The natural sights aren't the only worthwhile spring offers in Lao Cai City, though. Visit one of the beautiful restaurants for the view and the savoury eats, or attend one of the dance performances by locals.

Photo Credit: Krisztan Tabori on Unsplash.

7. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

College and university students worldwide troop into this destination to spend their spring break. With this influx comes a bunch of travel deals for tourists. Punta Cana is epically groovy for millenial and zoomer tourists looking for a proper break. The subtropical climate warms up the beaches, but the real inspiration to go wild is everyone else having fun.

8. Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

The vineyards of Jerez de la Frontera make Spain one of the most picturesque places in Spring. The flowers are vibrant, and the liveliness is contagious over the southern coastline. Contemporary sophistication awaits you in the cafes and Michelin star restaurants, but Spain has always been quite the spring scene, even since the middle ages. For that historic beauty, check out Toledo’s streets and the cathedral in Santiago.

9. Lisbon, Portugal

Bright coastlines and flourishing vineyards make Portugal a fantastic destination as its cities start to warm. Lisbon is full of hidden gems — both architectural and natural. These wonders, the incredibly relaxed atmosphere, the charming locals and the conducive weather make the city perfect for sightseeing. Go with your favourite adventure partner, and you’ll find that you’ve walked the entire city in just one weekend!

Photo by Andreas Brücker on Unsplash

10. Paris, France

Even though France is incredibly colourful at this time of year, tourists don’t start showing up until summer. The reduced crowd makes the Parisian atmosphere light yet bursting with life. So, there's a different bounce in your step as you walk through the beautiful gardens and street markets. Grabbing some coffee, too, comes with a remarkable view of the pastel pink flowers and lush greens on cafe terraces.

11. Canberra, Australia

Contrary to popular belief, Canberra — not Sydney — is Australia’s capital. Here, flowers bloom in every shade of pink and most other colours of the rainbow during the season. The phenomenon is even more mind-blowing considering the city’s architectural design. Canberra is the host of Floriade, Australia’s Festival of Spring, which has attracted troops of beauty lovers since a dramatic takeoff in 1988.

12. Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is unbelievably picturesque, especially after winter, with its clear blue skies, vibrant coloured flowers and verdant land. The warmth of spring also ensures you're more than willing to go out and explore the Croatian capital’s travelable forests and lakes. If you're the type to appreciate a chill spot, though, you might get excited about Bundek. At this riverside park, the city provides visitors with fireplaces for self-organised barbecue parties.

Photo Credit: Mateo on Unsplash.

13. Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, South Africa

In South Africa, it's not quite the conventional definition of Spring. Instead, it’s peak dry season, so the wind is hot, the land is colourless, and vegetation is scanty. Still, it’s the perfect time to visit Kruger national park, as the rivers and dams dry up, leaving paths for the game/quarry to tread. The inpouring of animals then attracts visitors. Sabi Sands is another game reserve adjacent to Kruger, and since these two attractions are in the same area, the provinces are very popular between April and September.

14. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Like Brazil, Argentine springtime isn't until later in the year. So, if you want to visit for the blooms, winds and overall vibrancy, you should wait till then. March till May, on the other hand, is fall here; the weather in Buenos Aires is fantastic, with the city hosting lots of events and festivals at this time of year. Still, there aren't as many tourists, and hotels remain reasonably priced until Summer.

15. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As mentioned earlier, spring in this part of the world is from September to December. You can visit Rio de Janeiro during whatever ‘Springtime’ you prefer, though, as it’s a great destination throughout the year. The temperature is almost always moderate, so there are a few good beach days every week. The climate is also suitable for walking through the blooming gardens or hiking through the vibrant rainforest and mountains.

Photo Credit: Carol Petri on Unsplash.

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