15 Beautiful, Must-Visit Restaurants In Lagos

15 Beautiful, Must-Visit Restaurants In Lagos

Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo

Nigeria’s largest city is a tourist attraction for many reasons. Beaches, art centres and much more are some of the different ways that Lagos offers up its beauty. The city’s restaurants aren't left out; in fact, when it comes to aesthetics, Lagos restaurants are usually known to understand the figurative assignment.‌‌

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Our favourite Lagos restaurants don't just focus on getting the food right, they serve up visual feasts as well, making the whole experience — right from the moment you walk in — a truly memorable one. Does this sound like something you want to experience firsthand? Well, here are 15 of the most beautiful (and beloved) restaurants in Lagos:

1. PitStop Lagos

Big fan of sports? This restaurant is sure to catch your eye — and not just because literal bikes and bike parts are hanging around. The menu at Pit Stop is full of sports references, like athlete names and playing techniques, but don't try too hard to make the correlation. Some things are just meant to be enjoyed.

PitStop Lagos

2. Spades Restaurant

This restaurant is one of Lagos’ newest, but it’s quickly becoming a favourite. This is no surprise as the Spades Restaurant decor is as elaborate as its menu. The tropical rainforest aesthetic is maintained in and out of the building.

Spades Restaurant

3. Hua Han Restaurant

Hua Han Restaurant offers great Asian beauty to the people in Lagos through the general Asian aesthetic of flowers and art. Even though people mostly recognise the restaurant as Korean, they serve both Chinese and Korean cuisine. This is why there are two menus at the restaurant; one for either cuisine.

Hua Han Restaurant

4. ArAbesQue Lagos

A lot of the beauty of Arabesque Lagos is in the incredible lighting and general aesthetic of the Middle Eastern culture. This helps me understand why the restaurant is such a Lagos nightlife hotspot. The cuisine here is also Middle Eastern, matching the decor.

Arabesque Lagos

5. Stories Lagos

Stories Lagos encourages satisfaction through its many sitting areas and different kinds of furniture. The serene ambience, though, is one of the restaurant’s less physical efforts at comfort. As for the food, there’s something for everyone on the large menu.

Stories Lagos

6. The Patio Lagos

The Patio Lagos offers a new experience every few steps you take, making it easy for you to want to keep going back there. You just might not be in the mood for a certain type of decor today — even if you’ve trusted a certain aesthetic to always have a place in your heart. The restaurant exists in a way that you can still head over there and find the perfect space for you, and it’ll be different from what you’d gotten used to.

The Patio Lagos

7. Godaif Village

The chic aesthetic at Godaif Village is so spot-on, you will feel like you're in a movie (if your imagination is anything like mine). With AirPods blasting the right mood music, holding that coffee cup the right way is total main character vibes.

Godaif Village

8. Vanilla Moon

“INSPIRED FROM A MOON-LOVING GRANDMOTHER’S KITCHEN TO YOUR TABLE…” I’m squealing because, to me, that line shows how much intention goes into the Vanilla Moon experience. The restaurant gives off wonderful homey vibes, and it’s only after you get something off the menu that you realise the aesthetics aren't the sweetest thing about the place.

Vanilla Moon

9. Moonshine Cafe

As a big lover of Ol’ Luna, it warms my heart that there are a few places that draw inspiration from her. Moonshine Cafe is one of the best Bistro experiences in Lagos — and there's more to it. You can head over, not just for food, but for coffee, even alcohol, and of course, the aesthetics.

Moonshine Cafe

10. Traffic Bar and Restaurant

Finding out the restaurant has an outlet in Abuja made me realise the restaurant’s name isn't a reference to the infamous nature of Lagos. Instead, there are two traffic lights in front of the place. Traffic Bar and Restaurant manages to maintain a serene ambience despite how big the place is, so you can go there to relax, work or simply enjoy the peace and quiet.

Traffic Bar and Restaurant

11. Food Shack

I probably say this a lot, but I’ll say it again: the best experiences require intention. Food Shack is a manifestation of this, as you can't find this restaurant if you're not looking. And unless you're only going to get takeout, don't visit until later in the day, when the outdoor area is open for customers to relax.

Food Shack

12. The Tearoom Lagos

The Tearoom Lagos is indeed ‘A beauTEAful place’. I wish I thought of that line, but looking at how pink and flowery the restaurant is, I’m not even mad they thought of it first. This place reminds me of Valentine's day in secondary school. Even the fonts are cursive!

The Tearoom Lagos

13. Mykonos On The Roof

How do you fit Greece on a rooftop? A restaurant with the right aesthetic. Mykonos On The Roof is named after one of Greece’s most beautiful islands. It’s honestly quite impressive how much of the Greek experience the restaurant managed to pull off.

Mykonos On The Roof

14. Craft Lagos

While Craft Gourmet Lagos is beautiful, its incredible food, top-notch hospitality and iconic juices (yes, juices) are why it's such a top destination. I didn't even think carrot juice was a concept at all, but they even managed to make it taste good. With quite the European aesthetic to it, eating becomes a true journey here.

Craft Lagos

15. Maison Kayser

The stunning Maison Kayser is a must-visit for every pastry lover. Anyone can smell the buttery deliciousness as soon as they walk in. They also have an impressive collection of desserts, including gelato. Sounds like a place my tastebuds can call home.

Maison Kayser

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