10 US Locations With Fun Things To Do With Kids

10 US Locations With Fun Things To Do With Kids

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Whether it's things to do with kids for spring break or a kid-friendly place near you that you can visit regularly, this list brings you the best spots to take children in the United States of America.

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Here are 10 US locations where you can do fun things with kids:

1. The High Line, New York

An impressive outdoor location in New York, this one-and-a-half-mile park offers fantastic views of parts of the city, like the Hudson River. The High Line sits over a former elevated freight rail line with remarkable history, architecture and design, which visitors can learn about through guided tours. These tours and learning sessions also feature several installations, murals and other artworks on site. Games and other interactive facilities, such as a giant chessboard and ping pong tables, are available for children who love to play.

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2. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Kids who go to school in the United States have probably heard about The Golden Gate Bridge from teachers and maybe schoolmates or friends who have visited, and FOMO can make a visit more exciting. Besides exploring the bridge, you can also visit the welcome center, which has a handful of installations. Engineering and history are counterpart aspects to the bridge that make it interesting to science and art-inclined explorers alike.

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3. Harry Potter New York, New York

This New York store is a stop for all kinds of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast merchandise, from wands to virtual experiences. The franchise is an intergenerational sensation, appealing to older and younger kids, maybe even a few parents and guardians. Children also get to interact with each other, sometimes; for instance, when a VR time slot is allocated to multiple guests because of high demand.

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4. Museum of Ice Cream, New York

As fun as museums get, this location features ice cream themed installations, including New York’s largest indoor slide. Here, even adults are encouraged to rediscover the kid in them; imagine how amazing actual kids will find it. Unlimited ice cream treats, a sprinkle pool, and an animal cookie carousel — topped up with the opportunity to learn about ice cream and its history. Find tickets and more on the Museum of Ice Cream website.

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5. Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

From rock climbing and exploration sites to wildlife watching and conservation areas, this location offers a variety of striking scenes. With just $10 and a pre-packed bag or picnic basket of snacks, a family could spend the whole day here, each finding one thing or the other to keep them engaged. Check out the Red Rock Canyon website to plan a visit.

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6. Garden of The Gods, Colorado

With many of the trails here paved – stroller friendly, even – no, one is disinclined to stop by, from the youngest babies to the oldest escorts. The paths are short, too: the longest is about 10km. While The Garden of The Gods is free to enter on most regular days, they occasionally organize special group hikes for children in specific age groups for less than $10.

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7. Getty Center, Los Angeles

This brand welcomes all to enjoy art, architecture and gardens with friends and family. The center has art galleries where kids can use Art Detective Cards to have fun exploring the artworks. Outdoors, you can stroll the gardens, seeing hundreds of plants and flowers in various colors. Entry is also free here, but at the moment, they require a timed-entry reservation.

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8. Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Las Vegas

A skylit place surrounded by distinctive decorations and beautiful blooms is a vibrant, colorful setting that some kids would never have even imagined. The themes are changed to highlight the seasons, so visiting at different times of the year can be a fresh new experience each time. Check out the Bellagio website for more.

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9. High Roller, Las Vegas

More than 500 feet off the ground is the High Roller, the world’s tallest observation wheel with a 360-degree view of the Las Vegas strip. If any of your kids are scared of heights, they can rest assured that the Ferris wheel moves slowly enough that they’ll barely notice. Within the location, there are a couple of other rides for kids under 12, too. Find tickets and more here.

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10. Lombard Street, San Francisco

Famous for its eight hairpin turns, this one block section is one of – if not THE – most crooked street in the world. Driving here is a max of 5 mph, but that's not slow enough to keep kids from getting excited about the thought of going faster. If you prefer, ditch the car and stroll or sprint the street.

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