10 Romantic Places To Visit In London

10 Romantic Places To Visit In London

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Beyond the hustle and bustle of England’s capital, there’s an endless list of places worth visiting. But in line with this season of love, we’ll be focusing on 10 romantic places in London to consider stopping by on Valentine’s Day to escape the bustle of the city.

There are so many great options to choose from, which means some iconic spots — like Kew Gardens and Hampton Court — couldn’t make the cut. Still, we’re pretty confident that visiting any of these 10 spots with your significant other will have you seeing sparks.

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1. Kensington Gardens

This is one of the eight royal parks in London and is right next to Kensington Palace. Enjoy a stroll with your loved one through this former royal hunting ground; the scenery at this garden is absolutely majestic, filled with magnificent trees and ornamental flower beds. Kensington gardens is the perfect place for a peaceful romantic walk in London.

Photo by Amy-Leigh Barnard on Unsplash

2. The London Eye

Enjoying picturesque views from a bird's eye’s view of London while whispering sweet nothings into your significant other’s ear is a romantic experience that sticks with you. It’s right next to the river Thames and is the largest cantilevered observation wheel in Europe.

The London Eye, located in the South Bank, is also the most popular tourist attraction in the United Kingdom. You really don’t want to miss out on seeing it with the person you love.

Photo by Lucia Hatalova on Unsplash

3. Van Gogh Art Exhibition

There are a couple of Van Gogh exhibitions around London, and if you and bae are art lovers, then one of the Van Gogh exhibitions would be the perfect place to go for a date. The pieces there are absolutely exquisite, and admiring the beauty of the art while also admiring your partner’s beauty is a magical experience.

Photo by Redd on Unsplash

4. Amazonico Restaurant

Amazonico is a sophisticated Latin American restaurant situated in the heart of Mayfair on Berkley Square. The delicious and exotic cuisine at Amazonico will literally transport you to South America (okay, maybe not literally, but you get the point).

The romantic restaurant is the perfect place for you to go for a classy dinner date with the person you love, go and let your taste buds experience the best of what South America has to offer.

Photo: Square Meal

5. Little Venice

It’s always romantic when you’re next to a serene body of water with the person you love, and taking a canal-side walk in Little Venice is no different. This picturesque neighbourhood is home to charming restaurants, pubs and waterside cafes.

It’s named Little Venice because it resembles the beautiful city of Venice in Italy; it’s the perfect place to spend time with your partner.

Photo by Alex Motoc on Unsplash

6. Sky Garden

Sky Garden is an enlarged glass dome dedicated to three storeys of exquisite public gardens — it’s a unique and beautiful spot in London. Couples come to Sky Garden all the time because it’s a truly romantic location in a city as busy as London.

The Sky Garden also houses excellent restaurants, wine bars and much more; if you’re looking for a romantic time in London, you should definitely try Sky Garden out.

Photo by Joseph Hwang on Unsplash

7. Novikov Restaurant

Novikov is a unique restaurant because it consists of an Italian restaurant and an Asian restaurant, so customers are really spoilt for choice. Apart from the delicious cuisine, Novikov makes our list today because of its beauty. The granite walls, bamboo chandeliers, and lacquered ebony counter contribute to a beautiful and picturesque location perfect for your own love story.

Photo: Novikov Restaurant

8. Tower Bridge

You might be asking yourself what’s romantic about a bridge, and honestly, that question isn’t out of place. The magical and romantic feel of the London bridge comes from the view of the city skyline, the embankments on either side of the bridge and the numerous restaurants and pubs that surround it. Many couples have had magical moments and have made unforgettable memories at Tower Bridge; you’re up next.

Photo by Veliko Karachiviev on Unsplash

9. Hyde Park

Greenwich Park, The Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill or any of the other royal parks could have made this list, but Hyde Park, the largest park in the heart of London, takes the spot by being the perfect place to have a picnic with your partner.

Hyde Park is a popular choice for those in search of romance, and I can see why. Whether it’s having a picnic on the grass or having a boat ride in the serpentine, the whole place just gives off a romantic vibe when you’re with the right person.

Photo by Simon Hurry on Unsplash

10. Emirates Air Line

Enjoy amazing views from inside the Emirates Air Line cable car as you glide above the River Thames. It’s a relatively short ride as it lasts for an average of ten minutes, but it’s a worthwhile ten minutes. Please, when you’re in the cable overlooking the city, don’t waste the moment: kiss your partner.

Photo by George _da on Unsplash

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