10 Reasons To Go On A Staycation

10 Reasons To Go On A Staycation

Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo

Staycations are undoubtedly very valuable. In fact, after 2020, anything that’s fun in a pandemic is a form of salvation in its own right. However, there are more practical facets to how much a staycation can do for you.

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Not sure what those benefits are? Here’s  10 of them for you!

1. Better spending options

When you don't have to buy plane tickets or pay to fill your fuel tank, that money can go somewhere else. Sleeping at home even means you get to skip lodging costs. You can put that money into things like a spa day, making your staycation even more relaxing. Your body will thank you for the treatment, leaving you with newfound energy for when you return to your regular hustle and bustle.

2. Reducing physical stress

No heavy backpacks or travelling bags are necessary for staycations, meaning you don't even go through the stress of packing at all. There's no waking up to catch an early flight, waiting at the airport, jet lag or getting cramped in a bus or car. You get to avoid a lot of travel anxiety and a lot of things that can stress you physically. Sounds like a dream!

3. Time management

The six hours you would have spent in that vehicle to get to your vacation spot can be channelled into something fun and relaxing. You could even just get some extra shut-eye. When planning staycations, you have fewer logistics to worry about in general, so you can spend more time getting into that restful and fun state of mind that people go on vacations for in the first place.

4. Changing routines

Remember, you're supposed to stay away from your usuals no matter what kind of vacation you’re on. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it can make when you go to the bakery that’s 10 minutes away instead of having cereal for breakfast. Try some Indian food for lunch instead of pizza, and go on a dinner date instead of making something at home. Changes like this can be very rewarding because of the excitement. You also get to acquire new tastes, and who knows how much you’ll incorporate those changes into your life?

5. New learning experiences

A staycation allows you to go on an adventure in your country, discovering places and entities of historical or sentimental value. Go to that statue of a hero or the park named after some icon. You can also visit the parts of the country that are still strongly connected to the country's culture. If you reside in the country you're from, you can learn more about your heritage; and if you reside in another country, you get to learn about an entirely new culture.

Photo Credit: Sash Margerie Hunt on Unsplash.

6. Strengthens relationships

If you decide to stay home for your baecation or family vacation, then you're in for memorable moments with the person(s) that matter the most to you, in the place that’s most important to you. You get to experience these people in ways that are different from what you're used to. By taking time off together, you're reminded that they're the reason your home is your home. You can also visit that relative you never see — even though they live just a few minutes away. Your physical home will be even more homely by the time you're done with your vacation.

7. Pets can come

Some of us can barely go a day without our little buddies, so it is such a bummer that we can't take them everywhere, whether it's because of factors like international laws or because there's no room for them on the plane. Staying home means you can have all your fun with your pet(s), giving you a chance to make more memories with them.

8. Economic benefits

Domestic tourism is known to benefit the economy of countries because you’ll be spending money at local businesses, and employing other citizens of the country (that masseuse, for instance). Because of the local circulation of wealth, the country is prone to significant economic growth.

9. Saving the planet

Air travel is reported to have significant effects on the environment, so taking fewer flights can be your little contribution to the earth's redemption. Even cars and other road vehicles have notable carbon emissions. You’ll be doing the planet a major service by staying at home and finding pretty places near you instead. Step out and smell the air, enjoying your contribution, however small.

Photo Credit: Jeffery Erhunse on Unsplash.

10. A new perspective

Finding wanderlust-inducing parts of what is typically your everyday life can help you see that there's green grass on your side too. If Sir Arthur Conan Doyle taught us anything through Sherlock Holmes, it's that the mundane things can be the most exciting!

Well, what are you waiting for? Take a staycation now! Oh wait, you have to plan it first. Happy planning, then!

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