10 Reasons To Go On A Baecation

10 Reasons To Go On A Baecation

Chidubem Emelumadu

No matter how many vacations we take alone (or with friends and family), few things are as euphoric as waking up halfway across the world with a lover on baecation.

A baecation is exactly what it sounds like: a vacation with your romantic partner (read: bae). From romantic walks in lovely gardens to exploring dreamy beaches, baecations are excellent for keeping the passion in your relationship alive.

Old couple on baecation
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Couples who travel together tend to have greater intimacy and a higher chance of staying together, says a survey by the US Travel Association. It’s the perfect way to bring you and your partner closer together.

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or merely seeking a romantic getaway for two, here are a couple of reasons to go on a baecation:

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1. It makes your relationship stronger

Between the routine of life and the never-ending work schedules, it can be hard to make time for things that keep the romance alive. Setting time aside to travel and explore the world is a great way to keep the fire burning.

As you stroll along scenic walkways having memorable conversations or lay in bed for some pillow talk, the intimacy grows. Travelling with your lover also comes with its own obstacles, and navigating them together will make the relationship stronger.

2. It opens you up to new experiences

Experiencing things together, especially new things, is always exciting. As you meet people from all around the world and experience new cultures, interesting conversations are sparked and your curiosity as a couple is fuelled.

This is your chance to try unexpected activities, like skydiving or rock climbing. Although it can be daunting, with your partner by your side, it can also be a thrilling experience that creates a bond that lasts forever.

3. You get to learn more about your partner

Experiencing the world through your partner’s eyes can be magical. Baecations provide enough time to have meaningful conversations, learn new things about each other and discuss dreams, plans and visions for the future.

4. It sparks romance

On baecations, every meal can be a date, every walk can be romantic and every day can be dreamy. It’s a lovely time to renew the spark or improve the sexual chemistry between you and your bae.

Whether you’re watching the sunset, making out under the stars or holding hands as you head to a park for a romantic picnic, a baecation will leave you constantly feeling butterflies.

5. You get to create awesome memories

Going on an adventure, doing new things, experiencing new places — they all make the relationship much more exciting. The memories will live in your head forever and make for nostalgic conversations at Christmas dinners and casual hangouts.

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6. It fuels creativity

Travel changes you; it broadens your worldview and boosts your creativity. Remember to step out of your comfort zone and remain flexible when picking adventures with your partner.

7. It helps you resolve conflicts better

As you spend a lot of time together, getting upset or annoyed is bound to happen, but how you work through these bumps makes all the difference. Travelling with a romantic partner means dealing with different views on big and small things.

Our advice? Create time to talk through tense situations; it’ll lead to much better communication during and after the trip.

8. It helps you become better planners

Travelling involves aligning schedules, creating budgets, making plans and outlining activities. Ticking off items on your travel list is the perfect recipe for becoming better planners as a couple.

9. It helps you grow

Baecations are incredible opportunities for growth, as you interact or observe peoples’ behaviours. Ask for feedback and focus on self-improvement as you explore and learn about yourself and the world around you — with help from someone who loves and cares about you.

10. It reminds you of how great your relationship is

More gratitude means more happiness. As you enjoy each other, feel safe in their company and deepen your relationship, baecations remind you just how lucky you are to be with the person you love.

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