10 Places In London To Take Your Mum For Mother's Day

10 Places In London To Take Your Mum For Mother's Day

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I love my mother, and if you clicked on this article, I’m guessing you love yours too. Mothers do so much for us, and even though we should always find the time to appreciate them, Mother’s Day is one day we are expected to be as thoughtful as we possibly can.

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From breakfast in bed to a lovely gift, there are a bunch of ways to show your mother love on this special day. At Backdrop, we are big advocates for going out and experiencing the beauty of the world around us, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 fun London spots your mother will absolutely adore.

So, if you’re in London, you need to reserve a spot at one of these places ASAP :

1.  The Savoy Hotel

Going for afternoon tea at the Savoy Hotel is sure to put a smile on your mother’s face. The Savoy Hotel is a luxurious hotel on the River Thames — the scenery is beautiful inside and outside the building. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but seeing how happy it will make your mother will make it all worth it.

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2.  The Great House at Sonning

The flower workshop is a wonderful way to spend meaningful time with your mum. Spend a couple of enriching hours creating beautifully arranged flower bouquets under the guidance of a local florist. The view of the river at the private garden will definitely inspire you and your mum to create something beautiful.

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3.  A nearby movie theatre

Just because you are going out with your mother doesn’t mean you have to go somewhere expensive or particularly out-of-the-box. All that’s really important is that you get to spend quality time together. So, pick a movie you know she’d enjoy and go to a nearby cinema with her. You don’t always have to overthink it.

Photo by Jake Hills on Unsplash

4.  Chai Wu

Chai Wu is a Chinese restaurant on the fifth floor of the Harrods building. It’s rated higher than the average Chinese restaurant in the UK and is the perfect place to go if you want to step away from your usual cuisine. They have excellent service and delicious food at Chai Wu; you’re sure to get an exquisite dining experience here.

Photo by Chaiwulondon on Instagram

5.  All Star Lanes

All Star lanes is the perfect place to take part in wholesome activities with your mother. From karaoke to bowling, not to forget the amazing restaurant they have there, you’ll never run out of things to do. If you love organised fun and fancy cocktails, then All Star Lane is the place for you and your mum.

Photo by Justinram0s on Instagram

6.  Union Street Cafe

This was Gordon Ramsey’s first restaurant venture south of the river, and I can tell you that it was a success. At Union Street Cafe, you and your mother will be treated to fine Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on Italian artisan producers. There’s also the slim chance that Gordon Ramsey will walk in when you’re there, and your mom would definitely love that.

Photo by Gordonramseyrestaurants on Instagram

7.  London Cabaret Club

Expect electric live performances when you go to the Cabaret Club. This club provides a sophisticated entertainment experience, combining impeccable food and services with fantastic performances. You can experience nightlife with your mother in a sophisticated and classy way at the London Cabaret Club.

Photo by Thelondoncabaretclub on Instagram

8.  The Folly

It’s common knowledge that mothers usually have an eye for the finer things, so we know that most mothers will appreciate having a meal at The Folly. Despite being a restaurant, The Folly isn’t on our list today because of its food, it’s here because of its gorgeous interior design. The scenery at the Folly is sure to make you happier than you were before you walked in, and the food isn’t half bad either.

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9.  Museum Of Brands

Go and explore how consumer culture in England has evolved over the years at the Museum of Brands. If your mum is anything like mine, she'll appreciate you making fun of her obsession with getting a great shopping deal. It also gives the impression that you really did a lot of research when planning the day because it’s not an obvious destination.

Photo by Museumofbrands on Instagram

10.  May Fair Spa

Nobody deserves a calming and relaxing spa experience as much as our mothers do. May Fair Spa is sure to give you and your mum that rejuvenating feeling that you crave. Leave your worries behind and get your bodies pampered at May Fair Spa; this elegant spa will not disappoint you.

Photo by Spailluminatamayfair on Instagram

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