10 Of The Best Places To Visit In Seoul

10 Of The Best Places To Visit In Seoul

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There are few places in the world as magical to explore as Seoul. The South Korean capital is a huge metropolis with a seemingly endless list of attractions worth experiencing, as it combines ancient wonder with high-tech innovation in a way that feels almost otherworldly.

These are ten of the best places to visit in Seoul.

1. Color Pool Museum

Color Pool Museum is the best place in Seoul to enjoy a plethora of colours. There are nine different zones with different themes and colourful playgrounds for you to enjoy. It’s the perfect place to go with your friends and family. Go create vibrant memories with the people that matter most to you.

Color Pool Museum

2. Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Few buildings are as exquisite as the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul. This iconic landmark is the highlight of Dongdaemun, which is South Korea’s fashion hub and a popular tourist destination.

You can take a walk around the building and appreciate the beauty and architecture, or go in and enjoy one of the diverse cultural events that will surely be on display. From fashion shows to product launch shows, there’s rarely a dull evening at this plaza.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

3. Jogyesa

Jogyesa is one of the most relevant Buddhist temples in Korea. It’s a colourful temple filled with vibrant lanterns and trees — some of these trees are up to 500 years old.

The temple has the famous statue of the seated Budha, making it an essential stop on so many people’s spiritual journeys. Jogyesa is a fine blend of beauty and spirituality.


4. Leeum Samsung Museum

There’s something special about the display of traditional and contemporary art at the Leeum Samsung Museum. The museum has built a large collection of modern and ancient art that truly represents everything Seoul is about. Take a journey through Korean history at this iconic museum.

Leeum Samsung Museum

5. Lotte World

Lotte World is a truly magical place, perfect for a visit with family and friends. It has an indoor amusement park that happens to be the largest in the world, an outdoor amusement park, an artificial island, a movie theatre, sports facilities and a whole lot more. It would be criminal not to visit Lotte World when you are in Seoul.

Lotte World

6. Nami Island

This beautiful island is one of the most recognisable tourist attractions in Korea. Nami Island is the ideal place to escape to when you’re in the bustling city of Seoul.

Here you can step into nature and be completely at peace in a place that promotes nature and humanity. You can also take beautiful pictures and make amazing memories. Nami Island is a unique experience that you don’t want to miss.

Nami Island

7. Wolhwawon Garden

You might not expect to find a traditional Chinese garden in the middle of a Korean city, but that’s exactly what Wolhwawon Garden is. This peaceful garden is the perfect place to take a stroll and clear your mind. It’s also very beautiful, so it’s not a bad place to have picnics and photoshoots.

Wolhwawon Garden

8. Silleuksa Temple

This is a Korean Buddhist temple situated at the riverside, and it’s the only riverside temple in North Korea. Silleuksa Temple is a sacred pilgrimage site, so many people come here on their spiritual journeys. It’s also home to many national treasures — there’s so much history to soak in at this temple.

Silleuksa Temple

9. Cheonggyecheon Stream

This stream that passes through the centre of Seoul is an urban renewal project. The stream that existed for over 500 years was covered up after the Korean War to make an elevated highway.

In 2003, the stream was restored, and it’s a part of what makes Seoul so beautiful. It passes close to many tourist attractions allowing visitors to have a leisure stroll along the stream and visit the nearby tourist sites easily.

Cheonggyecheon Stream

10. Starfield Library

This is a massive library with over 50,000 books in it. This library makes you feel like you are in the year 2055; it’s that futuristic. Its amazing design and unexpected location — in the middle of a huge mall — have attracted many people from all over the globe. I’m sure it will fascinate you, too.

Starfield Library

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