10 Of The Best Girls Trip Destinations In The World

10 Of The Best Girls Trip Destinations In The World

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Thinking about a trip with your favourite girls? If you're not, you should be. Not only is it proven to be good for your health, but a simple weekend getaway can strengthen your bond with each other in the most wholesome ways.

These locations work for any holiday timeline. So, whether you plan a quick weekend getaway or a well deserved long vacation with your lovelies, here are ten of the best girls’ trip destinations in the world:

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1. Miami

How many times a year do you and the girls get the chance to get wasted? A vacation to Florida’s second-most populous city will offer you a year’s worth of opportunities in a week. Miami will give you the craziest experiences, making for the best stories when you all see each other again. You can all receive queen treatment across the city, from hotels to restaurants and bars and even the beaches. Miami is alive day and night, calling for you to join the royal party.

2. Paris

Everyone typically brings their significant other here, but Paris can be one of the best places to bond with your girls. As a prominent fashion destination, you can spend as much time as you want making memories by simply shopping for outfits, then get all dressed up just to take a walk. Take a million selfies in the middle of the street, on your way to a café like Emily Cooper would with Mindy and Camille. You can check out our Emily in Paris guide to visit the same places Emily did with her girls.

Emily and Mindy from Emily In Paris.

3. Reykjavik

On a winter trip to Iceland, you’ll find yourselves in a thermal pool together when the bear hugs stop keeping you warm enough. At the end of it all, you’ll find that you’re all much closer and more trusting of each other. It’s a magical destination with beautiful lights, incredible natural phenomenons and lots of history to uncover; the perfect place to go feel like a queen. If you want to, juggle the queen treatment at luxury hotels and more daring stuff like exploring the city — or maybe even skiing.

4. London

London is a beautiful place to bond because there's always something sweet everyone can enjoy around some corner. Lovely places are within walking distance of each other (and the streets are picturesque, too). Take as many strolls as you need to admire the city together, giggling, hand-in-hand. The magnificence of the Victorian style, if you all indulge, will leave you grateful for the beauty of your friends and the city.

5. Amsterdam

The Netherlands is a destination famous for both natural and manmade attractions. The charming narrow streets make you step a little closer and lean more into each other’s arms. Visit any one of the city’s 70 museums, appreciating your shared interests and learning new things about dutch culture — and each other. Find joy in everything, from simple routines like biking to less conventional activities like a boat cruise.

6. Bali

Bali is a sunny island with beautiful beaches, so you and the girls need to get out your bikinis for this one. Treat your bodies to some warm loving by visiting one of their luxurious yet affordable spas or simply sunbathing on the beach. The destination is also great for retail therapy. With your girls as great emotional support, you’ll come out of your vacation ready to take on the world.

Photo Credit: Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash.

7. Berlin

The German capital is a beauty that’ll blow your minds with colour and life, even in the dark. Get around the city on a cruise together; that way, you don't worry about your feet killing you. Going from Museum Island to Berliner Cathedral is like the educational version of shaking your ass on a yacht in a thong — and who doesn't like to do that with their girls? And with all that energy you’ve saved, you can go on a shopping spree at Ku’ Damm, one of the city’s most popular shopping boulevards.

8. Budapest

Budapest is primarily famous as a destination for architectural wonder. However, if you look in the right corners, it’s a magical place for bonding with your girls. During the day, indulge in thermal baths and its bellwether boutiques as fun and relaxing ways to pass the time. Then at night, slip into one of the sexy dresses you bought and head over to a cocktail bar. With all the alcohol — and your beautiful, magical auras — you’ll quite easily find yourselves talking about your lives non-stop.

9. Dublin

Like Budapest, there are lots of cocktails in Dublin, too. Instead of pub crawling, though, all of you can join a cocktail making masterclass at The Blind Pig, one of the city’s most famous bars. Enjoy the work of your hands and use that tipsiness to get sexy on the dancefloor. Take turns hyping each other up, taking Snaps and recording videos for your IG stories. Like our CEO said in her Stamped interview, "When you travel with your girls, you don’t have to talk too much before you get a nice picture."

Photo Credit: Alef Vinicius on Unsplash.

10. Mykonos

Mykonos is one of Greece’s most stylish islands. To get a table at any top restaurant, you better get to planning immediately. But even if celebrities beat you to the good tables, you can all still go outside. Taking in the city’s beauty and basking in the warmth of the sun (and your friendship) is actually a popular tourist activity. Hotel rooms come in various aesthetics, from boho to minimalist, and even some in-between — just in case someone wants something a tad different from the usual.

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