10 Of The Most Galentine-Worthy Spots In Lagos

10 Of The Most Galentine-Worthy Spots In Lagos

Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo

February is the month of love, all kinds, even if it’s easy to focus primarily on the romantic kind. Right before Valentine's day is a day to celebrate a different type of love, though: Love for female friends.

It's a blessing to be surrounded by women who love and support you, so it's only fitting that we dedicate a particular day to them. A fictional character might have created this holiday, but all the love (and good fun) you can have on that day is genuine!

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What is Galentine’s?

Parks and Recreation is a sitcom that aired from 2009 to 2015; its second season had an episode called Galentine’s Day. In this episode, the show’s protagonist — Leslie Knope — has a lovely brunch date on February 13th, sharing waffles with her favourite gals.

Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it, breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies. — Leslie Knope

Though Leslie and her gals originally celebrated with waffle brunches, there have been lots of modifications to the celebration of the holiday, making it easier for everyone to join in. Celebrating lady friends is still the priority of this fake holiday that has made its way onto calendars worldwide. Eating out, mani-pedis/spa days, and staycations with lots of champagne are the most common things to do on this day, but you can spice things up however you want, as long as you're celebrating a special gal.

Places to go in Lagos on Galentine’s Day

If you and your girls can manage to find yourselves in Lagos this weekend, here are ten ideas for a fabulous Galentine’s Day.

1. Marcelino’s Pastry Lagos

Marcelino’s Pastry is a great way to keep to the traditional way of celebrating. You can have a pastry-filled brunch here, and there’s lots of pink everywhere. The outdoor seating, especially, has a retro design, but almost every part of the cafe looks good enough to be in your snaps and on your insta feed.

Marcelino’s Pastry Lagos

2. Art Cafe

This restaurant has a dominant red background with quirky art scattered everywhere. Some of the art pieces are particularly designed to look like female bodies, even. Certain parts of Art Cafe look quite homey, too — like the bedroom of the queer gal in the group who should hold more sleepovers.

Art Cafe

3. Cafeteria Nigeria

Cafeteria Nigeria is a great place to go for American brunch. It's also perfect for people who prefer to go somewhere with a minimalist design because they don't want to go too hard on the red and/or pink this season. The restaurant layout easily allows group seating, and the lighting is suitable for pictures.

Cafeteria Nigeria

4. Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort

You and your gals can get closer by letting go of tension together at the wellness centre. Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort offers a variety of facilities that the group can enjoy together, from cosy outdoor seating areas to whirlpool tubs. Contrary to what Yoruba men think, women deserve peace, and this weekend is an excellent time for them to get some.

Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort

5. Food Shack

This woody haven has a great setup with room for groups such that the ladies can sit cosily side by side but quickly get into each other’s space when things get mushy. It's probably all the plants, but the air at Food Shack looks immaculate; a terrific place for all the gossip you’ve kept from each other because you got caught up in your busy schedules.

Food Shack

6. Godaif Village

This multifaceted location is excellent for when everyone can't make up their minds or agree on doing just one thing. Here, you can do all of grabbing a meal, working up some sweat and taking a dip right after you shower to keep cool. The seating layouts and architecture are also charming.

Godaif Village

7. Hans & René

Did you know there's a Parks and Recreation ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ ice cream bowl? Hans & Rene is perfectly designed for beautiful ‘I scream for ice cream’ videos which make for precious memories. Here, try unconventional flavours in every shade/touch of pink.

Hans & René

8. Island Breeze

Have a bikini day at one of the most luxurious parts of landmark beach. There is high aesthetic value in the lounge’s greenery against the white sand and seashore. Island Breeze is incredibly colourful in some places and more monochrome in others, but both designs are notably Instagram worthy.

Island Breeze

9. Kapadoccia Lagos

The first and only cave restaurant in Nigeria is great for intimate gatherings — and not just because it’s in a cave. I mean, one of the entrances is shaped like a heart. The lighting is also like something out of a fairytale, and if you like, you can get in a princess-style gown and beautiful wreath.

Kapadoccia Lagos

10. Oceans5

There are thoughtful group seating choices at this restaurant, from round tables to banquettes. And even then, there's enough room for people to move around easily. The lighting and palette complement at Oceans5 is magnificent, too, so get ready to selfie away!


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