10 Of The Best Destinations To Go This Fall

10 Of The Best Destinations To Go This Fall

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As much as I like to explore, I'm not a big fan of actually travelling unless the conditions are perfect. Autumn is my favourite season (especially for outdoor fun) because it's no longer as hot as summer, but it isn't as cold as winter yet. Also, most people typically vacation in summer. A lot of the great places are even better now that I don't have to breathe in the same air as hundreds of other people. If you're like me — but with an actual workable budget — then now is the time for the ultimate holiday.

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To get you started on the planning, here are ten of the best countries to visit this fall:

1. Mexico

As autumn takes over, it starts to rain less all over the country, offering you a chance to see lush greenery without having to plan around weather forecasts. According to research, hurricane season in Mexico nears its end in the fall months. So, those who want to visit before the cold and winter swoops in can enjoy more stable weather conditions. In addition, many cultural festivals and events happen at this time, perhaps because of the pleasant weather. Still, not that many people are vacationing here in fall, meaning smaller crowds; and as a result, great deals.

2. Spain

In some parts of the country, like the capital, Madrid, it's still a little hot, even in October, but down south, it's much cooler.  Either way, though, a beach day in Spain is pretty memorable with the smell of falling leaves floating around in the air. The leaves also come in every shade of autumn, offering a wonderful experience through a simple walk down the gorgeous streets. Not only is there more walking room during this season, but tourist spots are also less crowded and visiting is more affordable, from plane tickets to accommodation to entire travel deals. Different celebrations are also held at this time of the year.

Photo Credit: Sam Williams on Unsplash.

3. Egypt

With pleasant daytime weather between 21 to 33 degrees Celsius, activities and organized tours of this historical destination can be particularly enjoyable at this time of year.

In addition, the autumn months fall between Egypt's high and low tourist seasons, which means travel deals and discounted tour packages are in full swing. Given these and the conducive October atmosphere, sightseeing in the country doesn't get any better.

4. Vietnam

It's more wet or dry depending on what region of the county you're exploring, but rain and/or cold isn't much of a big problem unless you're in the centre. North and south often have clear skies and conducive temperatures for outdoor activities like hiking. The summer tourist crowds have left by now, so top spots now offer all the amazing experiences without the downside of stuffiness or bumping elbows with a hundred other explorers.

5. South Africa

Cape Town beaches are still a dream at this time of year because this area especially has enough sunshine and warmth all year round. As a matter of fact, Fall here happens between March and May; the season is characterised by near-always accurate weather forecasts, cool nights and invigorating days throughout the country. If you visit during the American Autumn, you'll enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with fewer visitors. But lower prices, active wildlife, and even Franschhoek wine are all better on South Africa’s own time.

Photo Credit: Kylefromthenorth on Unsplash.

6. Germany

The drop from summer temperatures isn't very noticeable because German summers don't get that hot in the first place; this means, though, that you can still enjoy outside-ing, German style. By now, local wine festivals will start to pop up around every corner. In addition, huge parts of the country are covered in forests. The autumn foliage is gorgeous, wonderfully complementing the country’s aesthetic palette. Fair warning: Oktoberfest, the biggest festival of the year in Germany, will have Munich (and probably some other parts of the country) pretty busy for about two weeks. After that, most of the tourists clear out and packages/deals get cheaper.

7. Argentina

Buenos Aires is an especially autumn-type destination — even though this is, surprisingly, the destination’s low season. On the bright side, this makes visiting a little cheaper and the air more breathable. There are fewer mosquitoes because of the reduction in the rain, but it's still not summer: which can get really hot as the region’s elevated range temperatures show.

8. The Azores

This archipelago is often referred to as the Hawaii of Europe. The destination is as stunning as the Aloha state, and to me, the best part is that you won't be upsetting the locals with your visit. As summer starts to pack up, this place becomes quite the dream, and although it isn't as warm enough as most people would prefer for beach days, the islands have hot springs, waterfalls and lush vegetation that makes it a sight to behold.

9. Chile

Since this is mostly a winter destination, the rest of the year in between doesn't see as many tourists. This makes it a fair budget destination through most months. If you plan your visit toward the end of the season, it might have started snowing before you leave. Skiing at one of the many resorts at the foot of the Andes mountain can make a nice finishing touch to your autumn vacation.

Photo Credit: Alex Wolowiecki on Unsplash.

10. Italy

As temperatures begin to cool down, a light breeze dominates the Italian atmosphere— perfect for relaxing outdoors while admiring the leaves as they go from green to red to orange and even yellow. This is particularly enjoyable at places like Villa Borghese Park. Personally, I’d visit the Vatican City, which becomes more exciting (as the typically long queues for sights vanishes with the tourists).

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