10 Of The Best Coffee Places In The World

10 Of The Best Coffee Places In The World

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There are many things that come together to make a great cup of coffee: taste, aroma, sheen and flow, and even temperature. The barista craft, it seems, can be quite the undertaking. Little wonder not everyone can get it right.

The right atmosphere (a walk on a serene day, the company of a loved one, a cute little aesthetic cafe — or a big one) can also affect your drink. Clearly, I’m a bit of a coffee enthusiast, and I went searching for the best cafes in the world. Here are ten of my top finds.

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1. Cafe Tortoni, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This café is one of the — if not the — oldest café in Argentina, and it’s pretty famous. The Parisian-style decor is lavish, and it has been a hangout for artists, politicians and anyone else who knows to relish the conversations shared over cups of coffee. Still, the place is comfortable: you don't have to wear your hair up or tight to go get a cup of their excellent coffee.

2. Cafe Central, Vienna,  Austria

Coffee and cake lovers alike have referred to this cafe as heaven or paradise. The cafe has an impressive history: a frequent gathering place of artists and scientists alike, from poets like Altenberg to the psychoanalyst Freud. The menu has a lot of traditional coffee specialities that might leave you thinking you never had real coffee before.

Photo Credit: Cafe Central on Instagram.

3. Sant'Eustachio il Caffè, Rome

Wonderfully, this is one of Rome’s top nightlife destinations, staying open till 1:30 AM. Here, the seats are used mainly by those who would like to talk over pastries. People prefer to drink standing by the bar or order to go, so they have a good cup in hand as they explore the pantheon. This way, Sant'Eustachio il Caffè is one of the best places for top quality yet budget-friendly coffee.

4. Coutume, France

Since most people best enjoy a cup of coffee with a delicious pastry, vegan-friendly cafes can be a bit of a rarity. Coutume is one of such rarities. Here, everything is as delicious as it looks, even the salad plates. The instagrammable dishes almost rival the decor, but the low hanging lights and titles provide a proper vintage aesthetic that matches the food.

Photo Credit: Coutume on Instagram.

5. Caffènation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Whether you’ve never had coffee before or are actively on the lookout for the best-tasting coffee in the world, Caffènation is sure to offer you an experience like no other. With charm befitting the destination, the roastery arrived in Amsterdam from Belgium. The coffee is a sensation in other countries besides The Netherlands; you can buy a cup at any cafés, restaurants and bars on this list.

6. Toma Cafe, Madrid, Spain

For many people in Madrid, coffee is a great way to keep up with the busy city, so there is delicious coffee around nearly every corner. Toma Cafe is one of such corners which, in addition to aesthetic delicacies, offers a beautiful atmosphere to complement your recharge time. Tourists have even asserted that having coffee here was the highlight of their trip.

Photo Credit: Toma Cafe on Instagram.

7. Kaffeine, London, UK

Notably LGBT friendly, this location is cosy, inside and outside. The intimate feel of the vintage woodsy aesthetic goes hand-in-hand with the friendly service, but that's not the only reason for Kaffeine’s renown. Their top-quality coffee earns the cafe a reputation across Europe, and their pastry satisfies every sweet tooth that finds them.

8. Caffé Vita, Seattle, USA

This incredible coffee roastery is from and based in America, with Seattle as the first and most popular location. Since 1995, the company has prided itself on “connecting people through coffee.” The taste of this coffee has been compared to that of wine, so one can imagine it’s worthy of even royalty. They have bestseller bags of coffee, reflecting how many decide they must have more after their first cup.

Photo Credit: Caffe Vita on Instagram.

9. Reslau, Auckland, New Zealand

The decor at this New Zealand favourite looks just like a Hollywood movie’s coffee spot, and you’ll quite easily feel like a main character here. They have an exotic menu to go with their striking cups of coffee, which makes the place great not only for that early morning charge but also for a satisfying lunch.

10. Double Tall, Japan

Here, the bigger cups are less expensive, and the baristas sometimes make customised mixes. This quaint coffee bar in Tokyo sells more to-go cups, but there are a few seats for dine-in customers. Everything looks expertly designed with a bright allure to the food that makes you drool, even if you have no idea how it tastes.

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