10 Must-Visit Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In New York

10 Must-Visit Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In New York

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Food hotspots with plant-based options are now scattered all over the empire state. Still, it's not always clear which restaurants are open to diverse diet lifestyles and which ones aren’t. So, in honour of World Vegan Day, I scoured Backdrop for restaurants inviting everyone, including those who are gluten-free/vegetarian/vegan.

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Here are 10 New York restaurants on Backdrop that have vegan options:

1. Ladybird

Have you ever had vegan crème brûlée? Well, right when you think that's as creative as Ladybird’s menu gets, you realise their cocktails are just as ingenious. At first, you might not be too keen on the prices, but many reviewers express complete satisfaction after their meal. This is bound to happen when you think about the last time you had such a wholesome meal without too much manoeuvring around the menu. The decor is majorly made up of hues of green and pink, and potted plants about and around perfectly complete the flowery aesthetic.


2. Aunts et Uncles

This spot is black-owned, adding a little context to the establishment's name. You can tell the entire place is more or less driven by the same love of family that develops recipes perfected through collaboration. The outdoor sitting area is quite delightful since the view is fantastic no matter what direction your seat is facing.

Aunts et Uncles

3. Berimbau Brazilian Kitchen

Those with superficial knowledge of Brazilian cuisine could easily believe the food can't be enjoyed without some meat added in, but this West Village restaurant begs to differ. Alongside the original recipes, Berimbau Brazilian kitchen serves vegan twists, which some of their regulars even try to argue are better than the original. You can get a more than satisfactory portion of their vegan feijoada — extra delightful news for anyone who knows how much work is required to prepare the meal at home. The comfortable seats are as nifty as their potent cocktails.

Berimbau Brazilian Kitchen

4. Jajaja Plantas Mexicana

In this rustic setting, you’ll feel like a Bohemian main character, even before you're done admiring the bar and finally letting the excellent bartenders know your drink of choice. At all of their Jajaja Mexicana venues, they serve the best vegan Mexican delicacies: nachos, plantain chips, and even tacos and burritos with absolutely no meat.

Jajaja Plantas Mexicana

5. Ladurée Soho

For a light but sweet breakfast, stop at this French pastry place. Every day, they have distinct vegan offerings like meringue tart. At this immaculately painted scene, you can have brunch under a tree with flowers that are gorgeous even after they’ve fallen to the ground.

Ladurée Soho

6. 19 Cleveland By Nish Nush

From sauces to an entire spicy falafel burger dinner, this restaurant serves several specifically vegan prospects. While the food is said to taste almost as good as an actual meal in the Mediterraneans, dine-in enthusiasts get an extra dose of delight through the feel-at-home decor of the location, which is notably similar to the white-centric aesthetic of famous Greek destinations.

19 Cleveland by Nish Nush

7. Baby Brasa

With a menu that any fitness fan would be grateful for, this organic Peruvian restaurant welcomes everyone who is gluten-free, vegan, or just looking for a break from over-processed food. The name is already a pretty good indication of how cute this restaurant is, but it must feel incredibly adorable to sit opposite a special someone right in front of the ‘I FEEL YOU BABY’ wall art.

Baby Brasa

8. Casa La Femme

One of the most romantic restaurants in New York, this restaurant invites lovebirds of any diet: same or different, halal to health conscious. ‘Dinner and a Belly Dancing show’ is this restaurant’s unique offering that you can enjoy only a few times a week. The dreamy arrangement and memorable cocktails, however, are enjoyable every day.

Casa La Femme

9. Di An Di

There could be more vegetarian options on the menu, but this soft-coloured haven makes up for the dearth with its soothing environment and valuable/value-worthy food. The dishes are as impressive as the scenery, if not more, and you’ll be incredibly grateful for your visit when you finish your first cocktail.

Di An Di

10. Empellón

Whether you’re ordering for yourself or the whole family, everyone — regardless of dietary needs and choices — can relish a Mexican-inspired meal prepared by excellent chefs and caterers. The midtown restaurant is quirky and colourful, from the bars to the main eating areas.


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