10 Must-Visit Boho Luxury Spots on Backdrop

10 Must-Visit Boho Luxury Spots on Backdrop

Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo

The bohemian look and lifestyle are almost always identified as a maximalist approach to the earthy aesthetic. These days, though, many more minimalists are feeling the boho vibe – even up to making it their home decor – and I am living for the inspiration. I've had boho girl dreams for as long as I can remember, and now I know I don't have to leave the best parts of the aesthetic behind once I stop being a starving artist.

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I often come across luxury places in bohemian style while scrolling on Backdrop or Pinterest. Still, I figured my own feeds and homepages weren't proof enough that the style was becoming more popular. I went online and found that boho-luxe started to garner more traction around 2020 after becoming associated with Victoria Secret models and Vogue editorials. That's when I was sure I needed to let everyone in on the gems I’ve found so far. Here are ten boho-luxe locations on Backdrop:

1. Solaz Residences, a Luxury Collection Resort, Los Cabos, Mexico

In Mexico is a first-class resort that is an embodiment of the boho natural look. Nearly every angle of The Residences at Solaz has majestic views of the ocean, which is a perfect backdrop to match the luxuriously natural palette of the decor. The exceptional facility is the product of an award-winning architectural firm paying tribute to contemporary Mexican art and aesthetics.

Solaz Residences

2. Hoppers Marylebone, London, UK

Geoffrey Bawa, known as the father of Sri Lankan Architecture, is the inspiration for the structural aesthetic of this beautiful Sri Lankan restaurant in The Smoke. The architectural style is called Tropical Modernism — a great representation, I think, of how well the verdant look can accentuate opulence. The Hoppers Marylebone menu is robust, featuring traditional and modern Indian dishes.

Hoppers Marylebone

‌‌3. Azul Beach Club, Bali, Indonesia

An Indonesian-inspired lifestyle is, more often than not, a go-to for many free-spirited people. In aesthetic and daily practices, Azul Beach Club is a truly Indonesian-eccentric exclusive experience. There are pools and private cabanas, and the restaurant’s menu is a mix of Asian and Western cuisine with cocktails for you to sip on lounge chairs, listening to live music.

Azul Beach Club

4. Ferroviário, Lisboa, Portugal

Recently renovated, this Portuguese restaurant has a layout of two different scenes. In between both backgrounds, it’s safe to say Ferroviáro is a perfect location for any gathering of high-class mavericks. In addition to the rustic aesthetic, the delicious fresh seafood makes the spot popular among residents and visitors alike.


5. Malu's Deli, Egypt

Many bohemians prioritise happy and healthy living which can manifest as sipping fresh juice or a smoothie while you relax in the shade against a backdrop of earth palettes, your chic outfit to match. At Malu’s Deli, you're offered a variety of vegan dishes but also other types of internationally acclaimed wholesome meals. The atmosphere is perfect every season as the location has two flanks, the North side for warmer climes and the South side for cooler weather.

Malu’s Deli‌‌

6. The Hive, Seoul, South Korea

With the digital nomad population on the rise, Seoul currently attracts many visitors looking to make the most of its facilities for easy and seamless online work. The Hive is a Forbes recognised quaint, lush space in the home of K-Drama, that offers those that stop by not only somewhere to work but also a place to sleep. Here, you can enjoy an unplugged lifestyle without giving up urban amenities.

The Hive

‌‌7. Lala's Lagos Boutique Hotel, Nigeria

Lagos is a well-known cultural hub presenting an authentically memorable getaway with this chic and cosy hotel in Island Central. Lala’s boutique hotel atmosphere is typically pristine, mainly complemented by natural colours. They're also on a mission to make any vacation truly leisurely by offering to handle the hassle of organising transportation to other hotspots nearby.

Lala’s Boutique Hotel

‌8. Mama Hilo, Dakar, Senegal

With sustainability and a community approach to the services of this Hawaiian restaurant in Senegal, flower people quickly feel at home in the cabins. The menu has Asian influences, so all the dishes are mouthwatering on sight and bodily enriching. The Mama Hilo special serving is Poké bowls which feature a unique modern touch to the traditional platter of cubes of raw fish.

Mama Hilo‌‌

9. The Neem Grill, Accra, Ghana

Trees provide shade, lulling views and ambient sounds – through fallen and rustling leaves – at this distinct outdoor dining affair in Accra. The Neem Grill is famous for its luxuriant atmosphere with a minimalist colour scheme that is easily transformed for picturesque events. If you're also looking for something more intimate, like candle-lit dinners and savoury cocktails with the gals in the Land of Gold, this place is worth visiting.

The Neem Grill

‌‌10. Alemagou Beach Bar Restaurant, Mykonos Greece

Sitting on the beach of Ftelia, close to Mykonos, Greece, this (mainly) seafood restaurant is traditional not just in its menu, scenery and service. Alemagou is an iconic all-day beach bar restaurant offering Mediterranean and Greek cuisine, including a large selection of appetisers, entrees, and desserts. The bar serves almost every drink needed for a good time (though you might not need one, given the lively crowd and serene sea views are enough for most).


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