10 Locations In London With The Best Christmas Lights

10 Locations In London With The Best Christmas Lights

Okibe Attah

Many signs indicate the start of the holidays. In London, Christmas is more than just a day; it's a joyful season when charming Christmas lights and decorations adorn the streets and buildings.

There is no denying that Christmas lights and decorations help people get in the holiday spirit. So, if you're in London and want to experience this marvel, many lovely options are available.

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However, it's important to note that display times have been shortened, and significantly more sustainable materials are being used than in previous years to reduce energy consumption amid the UK's cost of living crisis.

If there's one thing this city knows how to do well, it's celebrating the holidays in style.

Michael Bublé's "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"

1. Belgravia

Terraced stucco townhouses, garden squares, upmarket hotels, antique shops, chic furniture stores and trendy galleries line Belgravia's elegant streets.

When the festive bells begin to jingle, the streets transform into a more beautiful walk illuminated by Christmas lights, with plenty to see and do.

Chucs Belgravia
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2. Regent Street

Regent Street, located in London's West End, is one of the world's most prestigious lifestyle destinations, known for its flagship stores and international brands. It is a popular tourist and local shopping street in London's West End.

The famous Spirits of Christmas are once again flying above shoppers this year. While browsing the street's flagship stores, keep an eye out for sparkling angels high above.

Regent Street Christmas Lights

3. Greenwich Market

This great little indoor market dates back to 1737 and has a great selection of craft and art stalls, an incredible shoe shop, and a good selection of street food and artisan coffee.

As the holiday season approaches, Greenwich transforms into something extraordinary. From bright lights and artistically decorated Christmas trees to fantastic shopping and must-see events, there is something for everyone.

Greenwich Market Christmas Lights

4. Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall is a bustling Victorian-style shopping district with a diverse selection of merchandise. Its cobblestone walkways and glass roof make it an enticing location for shopping, dining and relaxing. Its stunning architecture is leveraged to create dreamy Christmas decorations.

Fun fact: The iconic wizard and witch pub, The Leaky Cauldron, was filmed here in 2000-2001 for a Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone scene.

Leadenhall Market
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5. Coal Drops Yard

This shopping mall has a fantastic selection of niche brands and excellent restaurants/cafés, where you can shop and eat. Coal Drops Yard is a short walk from King's Cross and St Pancras stations.

If you want an adrenaline rush after admiring the beautiful Christmas lights that adorn the environment, they have a lot of pop-ups and a curling ring this year.

Coal Drops Yard Christmas Lights

6. Covent Garden

London's premier tourist centre, packed with restaurants, bars, markets and boutiques, is a daytime shopping destination and a nighttime destination for theatregoers and Royal Opera House patrons.

The fantastic live street entertainment in Covent Garden makes it a must-see destination. It's a fantastic place to visit at any time of year, but Christmas is fascinating.

Its Christmas lights are a sight to behold, and the magnificent tree surpasses the tree from 2021 by five feet, standing at 60 feet.

Covent Garden Infinity Chamber
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7. Seven Dials

This year, Seven Dials is enlightening the entire West End area with a brand-new festive light display. Seeing the sparkling starbursts illuminating the seven streets in cosy hues of ombre amber and pink must be nothing short of spectacular.

8. Bond Street

Inspired by The Imperial State Crown, the new display uses 93,652 LEDs and features four massive crowns at crucial intersections on Bond Street.

The new display's planning began in 2021 in anticipation of Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee year. It makes even more sense after her death as a lovely Christmas tribute to the late monarch. The new display now illuminates the skies and footpaths of Central London.

Bond Street Christmas Lights | Photo Credit: Ben Queenborough/PA Wire

9. Oxford Street

The famous Oxford Street Christmas lights have returned, illuminating London's busiest shopping street with shimmering stars. Suddenly, a road that most residents avoid, like the plague, becomes appealing for a brief period each year.

When Christmas lights give Europe's busiest shopping street a heart-warming glow, it is synonymous with otherworldliness, lending a sense of calm and beauty. During the holiday season, it truly shines.

The big red bus - a London classic
Photo by Jamie Davies / Unsplash

10. Churchill Arms

Churchill Arms, arguably London's most outrageously Christmassy pub, is so committed to the Christmas lights game that it prepared the lights for a December switch-on even while closed during the 2020 lockdown.

It's hard to miss with hundreds of Christmas trees, thousands of lights, and plenty of festive cheer. The decorations are absolutely stunning.

Photo: Design My Night

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