10 Fun Things Single People Can Do On Valentine’s Day

10 Fun Things Single People Can Do On Valentine’s Day

Chukwunonso Emelumadu

It can get a bit depressing being single this time of the year; trust me, I know. Valentine’s Day is the one day of love, and that doesn’t only mean celebrating love with your partner — it's a day to celebrate all types of love.

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Self-love is the most important love of all because you must truly love yourself before properly loving anyone else.

So on that note, here are some ways to show yourself some self-love if you’re single on Valentine’s Day.

1. Take a walk

Never underestimate the value of leaving your house and taking a walk through a beautiful park. Just go outside, stick your airpods in and take in all that fresh air while treating your eyes to beautiful scenery. That should put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Photo by Fanny Gustafsson on Unsplash

2. Go sightseeing

Many people haven't really explored the city they live in because they are always busy. This is a good time to act like a tourist and go visit those places that you keep hearing about but have never been to. If available, try getting the complete tourist experience; take a tour guide and everything.

3. Pamper yourself

A spa day is always a treat. Get a stress-relieving massage, a facial, manicures and pedicures — basically treating yourself right, which is what self-love is all about. Don’t wait for someone to gift you a spa day; take yourself for Valentine’s Day. You deserve it.

4. Binge your favourite TV show and order your favourite meal

Not everything that enhances self-love involves you leaving your house; a lot of people are the happiest version of themselves when they're alone in their house, and that’s perfectly fine. This Valentine’s Day, binge watch your favourite TV show or movie and order your comfort meal. This day is all about you, don’t forget that.

5. Eat at a fancy restaurant

Going out to restaurants to eat isn’t a right reserved for only those in relationships. It’s perfectly fine to go to a fancy restaurant alone, eat and enjoy the scenery. There are many benefits to eating alone, one of which is that you don’t have to worry about what the person across the table thinks about your eating habits. Find a fancy, pretty restaurant on Backdrop and eat as much as you want.

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6. Go to the gym

If fitness is something you’re into, then you should definitely go to the gym on Valentine’s Day. Fitness in itself is a form of self-love, as you’re working to make your body the best possible version of itself. Remind yourself of that as you step into the gym and work extra hard.

7. Go shopping

A big part of loving others is gift-giving, and loving yourself is no different. Everyone deserves a gift once in a while and if nobody is going to give you one, you have to give yourself.

A benefit of buying gifts for yourself is that you can get precisely what you want. People in relationships get what their partners think they want. Go out today and buy that thing you’ve been eyeing for a while, or order it online.

8. Have a laugh

A crucial part of self-love is laughter and general happiness, so a good idea for your solo Valentine’s Day experience is to chase a laugh. So, go seek out a comedy show in your area, or if you’d rather stay at home, you could watch a comedy special on Netflix. I suggest Jimmy Karr or Trevor Noah; they are my favourites.

9. Go out with your single friends

Just because you’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to be alone all day. You and your single friends can go and have a nice time together. Y’all should get together and do something enjoyable — it could be going to the movies or going bowling; the options are endless. What’s important is that you and your friends are together and having a great time.

Photo by Jed Villejo on Unsplash

10. Take a solo trip

Last but definitely not least, an excellent act of self-love is taking yourself on a solocation. Whether you want to travel across the world or go to a city right next to yours, a solo trip is good for your mind, body and soul. A solocation allows you to get away from the daily grind and really look after yourself. So if you can afford it and it fits into your schedule, you should go on a solo trip for Valentine’s Day.

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