10 Countries To Visit For The Best Pizza

10 Countries To Visit For The Best Pizza

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Pizza is one of the best reminders that eating isn't only  for survival; you can, and should, relish every bit of the experience. (And pizza is undeniably relishable.) Did you know there's even a World Pizza Championship? Yup! There’s award-winning (and award-worthy) pizza all over the world.

So, here are 10 countries that should be on the must-visit list if you’re on the hunt for a great place to eat pizza:

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1. Italy

It's a popular idea that it’s better to get things straight from the source. This concept applies to pizza, too. Italy, pizza’s known country of origin, is packed with stellar pizza spots.

Around every corner is some pizzeria or pizza restaurant that serves varieties of the dish, from thin-crust pizzas to Neapolitan pizza. Naples is Italy’s most visited city for pizza, and Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo is a spot locals love.

2. Denmark

Denmark has pizza places that are intentional about everything — the mix, the olive oil used in the dough, the crust, oven heat and even the milk for the cheese. Bæst is a unique pizza place in Copenhagen that no pizza lover forgets in a hurry. They have their own farm, not only for the organic meat but also for the fresh raw milk used to make their own cheese.

3. Canada

The Good Son is one of the best places in Canada to get incredible pizza, which will be the only thing warmer than the cosy atmosphere. Here, you’ll find they offer zesty toppings like roasted pineapples and scotch bonnet, smoked pork cheek and more. Indulge, and your tastebuds will thank you.

Photo Credit: Chad Montano on Unsplash.

4. USA

Tony Gemignani is arguably the most famous name in pizza-making, and his restaurants are scattered around Northern California and Las Vegas. Using different kinds of ovens, ingredients and styles, he makes a variety of pizza — from deep-dish to wood-fired pizza. Even the sides are different for different pizzas. For example, the Chicago-style pizza place, Capo, has a whiskey bar.

5. Singapore

At Fabbrica, one of Singapore’s top pizza places, you're treated to the classic Italian pizza. The country’s ideal ambience complements the good taste of their delicious servings, creating a truly wholesome experience. Vital to the pizzeria’s cooking process is the copper wood-fired oven, which gets the credit for the distinct taste.

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6. Australia

400 Gradi is one of the most popular places known to pizza enthusiasts, as the 2014 World Pizza Champion owns this place. In fact, Johnny was the first Australian to win the World Pizza Championship. His special place serves incredible Portofino Pizza and a variety of toppings your taste buds won’t soon forget.

Photo Credit: 400 Gradi on Instsgram.

7. England

England is the location of a pizza place owned by Ciro Salvo — The Master of Dough, as he is known by many. At 50 Kalò, you're assured of a cooking process supervised by the third-generation master pizza maker. It's the height of contemporary pizza tastiness.

8. Romania

The pizza at Animaletto is revolutionary; it’s no surprise that the place is alive no matter what time of the day it is. It’s safe to say the restaurant is world standard, not just in the food, but also the ambience. Stop by for lunch or an early dinner with your friends, and get a fulfilling experience.

9. Scotland

In Scotland, visit Paesano Pizza, a pizza place that only uses ovens from skillful craftspersons in Naples. They especially take pride in the standard of their pizza which is close enough to want you’d get in Naples. A part of the process I find particularly interesting is the 48-hour proofing of the pizza dough.

Photo Credit: Juan Manuel Núñez Méndez on Unsplash

10. Sweden

You can never go wrong with the pizza and wine combo at Lilla Napoli in Sweden. Typically, white wine works well enough, but for that truly classy experience, you want the bottle of red wine. The restaurant is a cosy kind of quaint, and I hope it soon becomes the setting of a lesbian love story.

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