10 Best Places To Visit In Greece

10 Best Places To Visit In Greece

Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo

A lot of people who took our Which Country Should You Visit In 2022? quiz got Greece, and they were understandably glad. Watching the sunset from rooftops and playing on the shores of the Aegean Sea is likely a person’s first thought about a vacation in Greece — and rightly so. But there are also lots of cultural sites and legendary locations in this incredible country. Different towns and cities offer different kinds of experiences, but things almost all of them have in common are rooftops and that unmistakable sandy white colour. So, what are the specific places to go in search of a supreme Greek experience?

Here are 10 of the best Greek locations:

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1. Athens

Before, Athens only had much to offer in the history department. People would go there for the monuments and other parts of the city that have a special place in history like the Parthenon on the rocky hill named Acropolis. As the acclaimed origin city of western philosophy, the splendour of the architecture is quite fitting. Still, Athens has evolved and is now filled with lots of contemporary attractions. So, after the Panathenaic stadium has worn you out with its largeness, you can relieve the tension by watching the sunset while having dinner on a rooftop bar that serves diverse cuisines.

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2. Santorini

This Greek destination is famous for a myriad of reasons — some historic, others aesthetic, all remarkable. On the historic side, the centre of the original single island once imploded and sunk. This phenomenon is said to be the origin of the legend of The Lost City of Atlantis. Now, Santorini is made up of two main Islands — Thira (or Thera) and Thirissia. There are also some smaller islands (or Islets) like Nea Kameni, but you’ll find the bulk of visitors on Thira. With the impressive aesthetic of each Island, it’s not hard to see why Santorini is regarded as one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

3. Thessaloniki

While Athens has undeniably upped its game regarding modern attractions, Thessaloniki surpasses the capital in this department. The country’s second-largest city is a dream area for those who enjoy urban recreations like shopping and eating. You can also take a stroll next to Aegean, looking at it from the mainland, as opposed to the view of the sea from the Aegean Islands. Occasionally, cruises offer a view of the city from the sea. It’s pretty amazing how there's always a different way to look at things in and from this city; you just have to pick where to stand.

Photo Credit: Anastasius on Unsplash.

4. Nafplio

Greece is at the top of the list of baecation hotspots, and it’s easy to think it’s just because of Santorini. However, Nafplio is also recognised as one of the most romantic destinations in Greece. The view is breathtaking from any angle, and watching the heartwarming sunset with a partner is as intimate as it sounds. There are also lots of activities to do outside together, despite how tempting it is to stay inside your cosy room. Honestly, sunbathing in Arvanitia Beach is just as sexy. It's good for building up the excitement, no?

5. Rhodes

Rhodes Island has two major destinations — Rhodes and Lindos. Tourists seeking excitement seem to prefer Rhodes more because it’s livelier and more eccentric. Rhodes Old Town is quite notable, one of its major spotlights being the Street of the Knights from the Middle Ages. (The Island used to be an abode for the Knights of St John during the crusades.) Not only is it incredibly aesthetic, but it’s also quite budget-friendly.

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6. Heraklion

This city is the capital of Crete, which is, in terms of both size and population, Greece’s biggest Island. It’s particularly contemporary in its aesthetic and facilities, but worth a millennia of rich history. Guided tours and excursions through Heraklion’s archaeological gems are the most popular activities in the city. They are sites of incredible tales, and grand stories should only be told in grand style.

Photo Credit: Adrien Delforge on Unsplash

7. Chania

This is another popular city in Crete where simple activities like dinner and taking a walk turn into positively soulful experiences. It’s known for waterfront restaurants and slender streets, which I think is a great way to make sure you and your person are walking as closely together as possible. Contributing even more to the intimacy in the air are the spectacular gorges and beaches, another exhibit of Greece’s romantic contributions to travel.

8. Patras

The University of Patras is a plausible reason for the wonderful nightlife in Greece’s third-largest city. One of the city’s most notable attractions is its connection to Italy at the New Port of Patras. Common activities for tourists in this location include exploring archaeological sites and architectural wonders, as it is in most other Greek destinations. Turkish Baths and bar visits are also a good way to relax after expeditions.

9. Corfu

Several resorts litter the shoreline of this Island, so deciding where to stay is easy because you have so many options to choose from. On the other hand, making the decision might get a little challenging when you start to compare and they’re all as great as the other. Corfu Island used to be under Vatican, French and English rule, and this is evident in the historic and cultural scenes.

Photo Credit: Free Paleokastritsa Image on Unsplash

10. Kalambaka

Kalambaka is a town in a valley, therefore it's surrounded by rock formations — a surreal marker of this town as a tourist destination. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a group of monasteries that lie on top of giant earth columns. The columns have been weathered in a way that makes the monasteries on top of them seem like they are floating. A popular tourist activity is taking the stairs that lead from the valley floor to the top of the columns.

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