10 Of The Best Hotels in Los Angeles

10 Of The Best Hotels in Los Angeles

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The largest city-state in California is also the United States' second-most populous city, so finding somewhere to live out your celebrity lifestyle dreams might not be as easy as one might think. But you don't have to worry because the Backdrop app is full of them. After checking out affordability, ratings and reviews, I’ve selected the hotels worth staying in for those visiting Los Angeles soon.‌

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Here are ten of the best Backdrop hotels in LA right now:

1. Hotel Bel-Air

Pledged as ‘the legendary estate where inspiration flows’, Hotel Bel-Air is recognised by Elite Traveler as one of the top 100 suites in the world for 2023. I imagine I’d never leave my room, but they make sure that even if I ever do, there are cute areas to sit hidden among the famously lovely gardens. And who can get mad about coming across somewhere to linger during a promenade?

Hotel Bel-Air

2. Hotel June

You’ll find Hotel June in Malibu and West LA, but ‘it’s a Saturday afternoon all year long’ at both destinations. The LA location has a luxury culinary program, making it a spot for scrumptious sustenance and sound sleep. Still, it is budget-friendly enough to be dubbed ‘...Proper Hotels’ new, more affordable spin-off’ by Condé Nast Traveler.

Hotel June

2. NoMad Los Angeles

As one might infer from the name, this hotel welcomes wanders from all over the world to add a special touch to the brand's heart. NoMad strives toward giving their inhabitants the experience of ‘an artfully lived life’. According to The Telegraph, the Los Angeles hotel is known to have one of the city’s coolest rooftop pools.

NoMad Los Angeles

4. Petit Ermitage

If you are visiting West Hollywood but know about the rush atmosphere and would rather stay away from that, Petit Ermitage is a beautiful place to take refuge. Usually, I wouldn't take its slow-burn romance aesthetic over typical Los Angeles luxury, but sometimes feelings be doing the most, and you still need a gorgeous scene in those moments.

Petit Ermitage

5. Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills

Recently re-imagined, this storied structure was once a getaway spot for mid-century stars like Marilyn, who wanted a break from the typically intrusive nature of the celebrity life. Today’s Avalon Hotel still greatly prioritises the privacy of its callers and an endless supply of fluffy white towels. The new decor also ensures you revel in the luxury Cali aesthetic and colours without the paparazzi.

Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills

6. Freehand Los Angeles

The once Commercial Exchange Building in the downtown area goes down in history for several reasons besides holding up one of the tallest neon signs in the city of Angels. The structure has now been transformed into the Freehand Hotel, named the top hotel in LA and number five in all of the US by CNT. Regardless, they offer budget-friendly packages, including shared accommodation.

Freehand Los Angeles

7. Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

This century-old hotel is recognised as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument. Biltmore Hotel taps into the timelessness of Hollywood glamour, giving its lodgers the experience of a lifetime through their excellent enactments and seamless service. For a place with all its current ratings and reviews, it's very affordable too.

Millennium Biltmore Hotel

8. The Kinney Venice Beach

Bright and bold, The Kinney Venice Beach is a zone for fun in the sun and much more. You're probably the party pooper if you're bored here because it's always a turn-up. This means this backdrop is also the perfect place to make the best FOMO-inducing content for the ‘gram.

The Kinney Venice Beach

‌‌9. Kimpton La Peer Hotel

Kimpton La Peer Hotel is in the most walkable neighbourhood of West Hollywood, the Design District. No surprise, therefore, that the facility includes several galleries and boutiques, attracting many art enthusiasts. In 2020, it was named one of the Top 15 Hotels in Greater Los Angeles by Travel + Leisure.

Kimpton La Peer

10. The Garland

Avant-garde is the decor of this ‘California Daydream’. The aesthetic is incredibly particular to the style of the City of Flowers and sunshine, a perfect representation of retro LA extravagance. The Garland offers impressively urban amenities while maintaining its warmly nostalgic atmosphere.

The Garland

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