10 Beautiful Places To Take Your Mum In Lagos

10 Beautiful Places To Take Your Mum In Lagos

Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo

Mothering Sunday happens annually in Nigeria on the fourth Sunday of Lent. As the year passes, we’ll hear of other special days that society has dedicated to celebrating mothers. However, this is Nigeria’s first, and it’s happening on the 27th of March in 2022.

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If you do the first one right, it’ll become forgivable for you to slack off on the rest. But even then, this list can get you through all the Mother’s Days in the year, no problem. That said, here are ten great places to take your mum in Lagos:

1. 343 Degrees North

At this restaurant, get your ma to sink into the homey and comfortable seats. Despite the burst of colour, it’s pretty minimalist, so it looks exciting but is still quite relaxing. Take advantage of this — and the excellent lighting — to take a picture of her good and natural side.

343 Degrees North

2. AAF Lagos

Both contemporary and historic art are displayed here, and learning where your ideas of good art intersect is an excellent way to get closer (real-time and in the future). If you get tired of standing, there's an outdoor seating area with beautiful plants and an overall vintage feel, not unlike the art there.

AAF Lagos

3. Crepaway

The casual Lebanese restaurant has a befitting homey aesthetic. Besides the natural palette, neon lights and fun vintage ornaments add a splash of colour. With the rest of the lighting as well, this is a good place for an evening visit. The seat layout is also practical if your siblings will be part of the experience.


4. Filmhouse Cinema MX4D

Here, see anything: Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood. The seats and general atmosphere are designed to help you relax. The restroom is pretty aesthetic, too, meaning mum can get nice mirror selfies with her daughter. Soon, she's on her way to becoming one of the girls. Check out their website for what's showing and contact information ahead of time.

Filmhouse Cinema MX4D

5. La Taverna

The vintage aesthetic of this place does a great job of giving you a nostalgic experience. In between all that emotion and the intimate one on one seats, you’ll find yourselves opening up to each other over a bottle of wine.

La Taverna

6. Ohuru by HSE

The open-air dining experience is a great way to revel in the fact that you're — literally — outside with your mom. The decor is an avant-garde kind of whimsical, reminding you to have fun. It’s quite colourful, but not so much that it's overwhelming. So, there's a balance between playful and practical.

Ohuru by HSE

7. Omu Resort

This dynamic park offers a less conventional type of fun than what most people would consider, but mum deserves to feel on top of the [tyre fort] world, too. Climb up after you help her up, and together, both of you can admire the beauty of the world around you.

Omu Resort

8. Orile Restaurant and Bar

This location is simple but gorgeous, with an outdoor area that looks like walking on sunshine. The palette includes vibrant natural colours that are especially brilliant on bright sunny days. With the cane chairs, it’s a truly natural way to celebrate the day.

Orile Restaurant and Bar

9. Pondicheri

The similarities between Indian and African cultures will make her feel right at home here, but the dishes are intercontinental, anyway. There is elegance in the simplicity of the decor, so you can really enjoy the fine dining experience.


10. Pura Vida Beach

This resort has both indoor and outdoor pools, which manage to offer notably different experiences. Inside, light shines through greenery against the window, adding a sort of lush, ethereal lighting to the decor, somewhat as a place like Hawaii. Outside, tap into each other’s youthful side, and party like you're at a Hollywood high school pool party!

Pura Vida Beach

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