10 Beautiful, Must-Visit Restaurants In Accra

10 Beautiful, Must-Visit Restaurants In Accra

Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo

Ghana’s capital is well known as a cultural hub, and this is apparently the case everywhere you go. Even if you're just grabbing brunch with a friend, there’s something intriguing around the corner. The eateries here are charming, providing both comfort and allure. The food is just as great, too! Looking for places like this? Here are 10 beautiful restaurants in Accra:

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1. Kukun

This place is a special kind of quaint, treading the line between monochrome and colourful — especially in the well-plated dishes and drinks. The Kunkun building is designed with a workspace on the upper floors, and that aura of sobriety seems to seep into the cafe and bar area in a leisurely way. The minimalist decor oozes intention, and you can see it in things like the floormat per table format of the outdoor area. I also love the touch of the split material that serves as shade; it’s stylish and practical.



At this restaurant, plants hang from the ceiling, on the walls and stand upright from their pots. With all the oxygen these plants exhale, POMONA is a wonderful place for you to take a breather. The modern minimalist aesthetic — which includes great lighting that bounces off all the shades of white, black and green in the setting — creates a wonderful evening effect so the relaxing feel is present in everything, not just the air.


3. East End Bistro

The scenery here is a little bit rustic. This is because wooden is the best description of the colour scheme, but there are splashes of other colours here and there. You’ll find some looking at the wallpaper, settees and even the casings of the low-hanging lights that softly glow around the restaurant. I’ll say the mirrors on the walls add a special shine to the place, but I know that's just vanity. Let’s be honest, though, being able to look at my smile is sure to provide me lots of dopamine throughout my stay.

East End Bistro

4. Sub Box

Walking into this sandwich shop is like walking into a little section of sunshine. The major cause of this feeling is undeniably the burst of yellow, neon signs and quotes about achieving satisfaction. However, a lot of the joy also comes from all the junk food. The Sub Box menu is a list of food porn worthy contenders, and with all the room in the place, everyone can dig in as far as they want to.

Sub Box

5. The Mix

On Okodan Road lies The Mix which, as the name implies, is a multipurpose building. The building is a combination of a co-working space, a gallery and a restaurant on the top floor, which is the main focus here. Because the restaurant is the rooftop area of the building, your dining experience includes an incredible view of the land around you. The decor is majorly dark hues, soft lighting and comfortable furniture. Given the kind of activity that goes on in the other parts of the building below, methinks there's a certain level of intention to the relaxing nature of the scenery.

The Mix

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6. Little Paris Coffee Shop

Rightfully named ‘little’, this cute café is cosy with no room for an overwhelming crowd. The seat layout is particularly intimate, and this feeling is well complemented by soft lighting and the delicious smell of pastry in the air. The lighting isn't the only soft part of the aesthetic as the decor also entails pastel colours, marble and minimalist wall art.

Little Paris Coffee Shop

7. Pinocchio & La Piazza

If it wasn’t clear from the name, there's some Italian flavour to this café and ice cream parlour that’s just bursting with colour. The place is very comfortable, and I think the view of the pizza oven makes the outdoor area interesting enough for lounging around. I also prefer the minimalist arrangement of the outdoor area, but the intricate use of green, orange and black indoors is also satisfactory.

Pinocchio & La Piazza

8. Buka Restaurant

This restaurant is an urban jungle, but it’s quite rustic in the lighting, furniture and other key elements of the aesthetic. Plants drape over all sorts of elevated platforms, and there’s something about all the green that gives off the outside feel of a picnic. However, this doesn't impede the cozy feeling of the homey structure.

Buka Restaurant

9. Le Must Family Restaurant

The self-acclaimed World’s Best Family Restaurant does give off quite the homey vibe with its brick wall designs and wooden furniture. There's even a little corner where pictures are hung with pegs. The low hanging lights, plants and the general sepia colour of the place help implement a proper rustic aesthetic.

Le Must Family Restaurant

10. Pan and Cook

This cafe succeeds at balancing the structure of an old cafe and the allure of modern satisfaction. On the outside, the building looks like a cultural monument, while the inside encourages you to get as comfortable as you can. The aesthetic is earthy and natural, perfect for the indulgence spurred by their menu.

Pan and Cook

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